Incorporating the Alpha Air 6 into your practice

Offering six levels of magnification, the Alpha Air 6 is designed to revolutionize the way a dental microscope performs and operates.

The design and functionality of the Alpha Air 6 is said to revolutionize the way a dental microscope performs and operates. The dental microscope is reportedly exceptionally designed for superior maneuverability and performance. Along with its superior optics, the Alpha Air 6 is engineered to provide benefits in the areas of ergonomics and video capture.

Comfortable: With the Alpha Air 6, dentists can maintain an upright working position while keeping visual contact with a patient. The microscope’s design is said to allow dentists to make a concerted effort to avoid the long-term effects that come along with working in an uncomfortable position.

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Unique: Special to the industry, the Alpha Air 6 allows for up to six steps of magnification, which improves the overall quality of work dentists are performing. The microscope reportedly also boasts some of the brightest LED illumination in the industry at 150,000 lux.

Long-lasting: The Alpha Air 6 is equipped with a built-in USB port and a 12-volt power supply, allowing for more continuous use without recharging the battery. By accommodating a full HD video camera that is able to capture 4K video, dentists can better communicate with their patients and lead more productive discussions.