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I Use That: DentiMax Dream intraoral sensors

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2015-04-01
Issue 4

In this installment of “I Use That,” we asked Dr. Michael Davila and Dr. Andreea Mada-Davila, as well as Dr. Tauseel Khan of Philipse Manor Dental Associates, about their use of DentiMax’s Dream Sensor in their practice. They share how converting to DentiMax’s Dream Sensors benefitted their practice efficiencies, front-desk employees and bottom line.

In this installment of “I Use That,” we asked Dr. Michael Davila and Dr. Andreea Mada-Davila, as well as Dr. Tauseel Khan of Philipse Manor Dental Associates, about their use of DentiMax’s Dream Sensor in their practice. They share how converting to DentiMax’s Dream Sensors benefitted their practice efficiencies, front-desk employees and bottom line.

What Dr. Michael Davila and Dr. Andreea Mada-Davila say about the DentiMax Dream Sensor
Drs. Michael Davila and Andreea Mada-Davila have a practice serving the Hartford, Conn., area as a husband and wife dental partnership team. They converted to a digital office two years ago. When choosing a new digital sensor for the practice, their research revealed the digital sensor from DentiMax was a “dream” come true.

The Davilas chose the DentiMax Dream Sensor for several reasons. First, they liked the instant results they enjoyed with a digital sensor. Also, they were impressed with the detail the sensor captured. In addition, they were pleased with how easy it was to send everything electronically.

Incorporating the sensor into the practice management software also proved to be easy and well supported for the practice.

Review: Two dentists give DentiMax Dream Sensors high praise with 5 star reviews

“Customer care support from when we installed the sensor, it was awesome,” Dr. Mada-Davila said. “They responded immediately when we had questions.”
Both doctors agree there are numerous benefits to patients. Naming the rounded corners and thin design specifically, patients are more comfortable than with previous sensors. Also, the sensor image detail and ability to put it on the large monitor helps patients understand their diagnosis and accept the treatment plan more easily.

“I can’t put a number on it, but I would say that since we went digital, the improvement on treatment plan acceptance is almost 100 percent,” Dr. Davila said. “Patients like technology. They appreciate it. They value it. They will tell other patients about it by word of mouth and tell them to come here. You can’t replace that. It’s better than an ad on radio or TV.”

Financially, the digital sensor benefitted the practice, as well. They get insurance payments quicker. The front office staff can track and follow payments more effectively, making them happier and more productive. Both of the doctors agree they have a more productive staff because of moving from digital to traditional film.

Both doctors would recommend the DentiMax system to their colleagues.

DentiMax Dream Sensor: 3 exclusive features of designing for patient comfort

“You are adding procedures, and there’s growth in the practice. Every health care provider wants that. After so many years, we keep growing and improving,” Dr. Davila said. “That’s why we recommend it to our colleagues … and we have.”

“Of all the things we’ve done,” agreed Dr. Mada-Davila, “it’s very quick, accurate and efficient. It makes your life a thousand times easier as a practitioner.”

“The future of dentistry is digital technology. You have to go forward. You can’t go backward. It improves everything,” Dr. Davila agreed.

What Dr. Tauseel Khan says about the DentiMax Dream Sensor
Dr. Tauseel Khan practices in Sleepy Hollow, N.Y. under the practice name Philipse Manor Dental. He converted to DentiMax’s Dream Sensor, a digital solution for his practice, to integrate with the DentiMax practice management software he invested in more than five years ago. His experience proved to him that DentiMax was an efficient and cost-effective solution that offered a lot of excellent support.  

“The way their sensors integrate with the practice management software is seamless,” Dr. Khan said.  

Dr. Khan enjoys the Dream Sensor for many reasons. He appreciates the instant results on the screen, quicker diagnosis and patient education. It is also easier to explain treatment options now that patients see an excellent radiographic visual of their teeth on the monitor. On the efficiency side, the digital sensor is more time efficient than processing film. He values that the radiation is significantly lower. Plus, he was glad to get away from chemicals.

“What bothered me most about film was the fixer and developer. You are supposed to have a well ventilated area where you process the film, and we did, but I was always concerned about myself and my staff,” he explained.  

Dr. Khan also noticed his front office staff was happier with the addition of the Dream Sensor interface. Sending electronic attachments is easier, and payments happen faster. Things don’t get “lost in the mail.”  

“The staff is happier and I am happier. Significant amount of extra(time) is made available to us with going digital. That time is utilized in practice building and making the business end more efficient,” he said.  

There are many design features Dr. Khan values, as well. The cord goes right into the USB port, and with one click, you have the image. Dr. Khan also likes how the Dream Sensor has a larger active area, resulting in a larger “footprint” in the image returned. He especially likes that the sensors are boxless, reducing another hurdle in the capture and an additional contraption to mount.

Webinar: Why you should be part of the new era of dental imaging

Dr. Khan would recommend the sensor to his colleagues for a number of reasons. The quality and the resolution are great, he said. You can also calibrate measurements for root canals and implants much more precisely than for film. There is a “wow” factor, impressing upon the patients that you offer the best to them.  

“Time, in every business, is of the essence. I just feel going from film to digital radiography in my practice has improved the practice model. It also increases our referral base,” he said. “I was nervous initially because it’s a big expense, but it was so worth it.”

What is the DentiMax Digital or Dream Sensor?
The DentiMax Dream Sensors are designed to produce the best digital images possible in the industry. Using the latest in digital sensor technology, the DentiMax digital sensors are often referred to as “Dream Sensors” for the image quality they provide, durability they contain and patient comfort they facilitate. The sensors are boxless and use the latest in super CMOS chip technology combined with fiber optic plate and highly sensitive scintillator. Furthermore, the sensors feature rounded, beveled corners, two sizes for the sensor, a built-in circuit board and watertight housing connected to tungsten-reinforced cable, with a protective Kevlar Mesh. Built to last, this design makes it the tightest sensor cord and cable the industry offers. DentiMax Digital Sensors are part of the full complement of DentiMax’s digital software solutions for today’s clinician.

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