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How to simplify traditional impressions


Why one dentist prefers using the digit Power Dispenser when taking impressions.

Dr. Jeffrey Delson had his doubts as to whether Dentsply Sirona’s digit Power® Dispenser was necessary. He wondered why a clinician would need an electronic device that does something a syringe has handled fine for decades. But after he tried it, he decided that the digit Power Dispenser was so handy, simple and fun to use that he began pulling it out all the time when taking traditional impressions.

“It’s a simple little device that works well,” Dr. Delsen says. “It dispenses consistently, you don’t have to play around with it much and the learning curve is almost instantaneous. It’s a clever little device that you like having.”

The digit Power Dispenser is a pen-grip style wash material delivery device that’s made to work with Aquasil® Ultra+ Smart Wetting® Impression Material. The design allows dental professionals to get within three inches of teeth when dispensing the material, which Dentsply Sirona says helps with accuracy. Other significant features are the lightweight design and proposed ergonomic benefits for dental professionals.

Dr. Delson says the digit Power Dispenser is a tool that he “enjoys thoroughly.” He appreciates how it dispenses consistently, as well as how the mixing properties in the slim design mixing tip are designed to help with access and visibility while reducing waste. He says he also enjoys the built-in timer, which has both work and set times, along with the fact that the battery-operated device is rechargeable.

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Dr. Delson takes care of people the way he would want to be taken care of, and he prides himself on his lifelong relationships with his patients. He says that his private practice in Brigantine, New Jersey, is about patient care, not finance.

“I try to fix teeth. I am not a high-pressure type of guy,” Dr. Delson says. “I present people with options and they pick what they want to do. Whatever is best for them sometimes is driven by their needs and sometimes it’s driven by their pocketbook.”

So when a crown doesn’t fit because of a poor impression or the impression material tastes bad, his materials aren’t allowing him to provide the patient experience he wants.

Dr. Delson uses digital scans in his practice as well, but says he prefers traditional impressions for preparations that are subgingival or difficult to see. For years he used Impregum™ (3M) for conventional impressions because it produced accurate impressions even though he - and his patients - thought it tasted terrible. When he started using the digit Power Dispenser, he was able to switch to Aquasil Ultra+, which he says holds up to the standard set by Impregum.

“The impressions are coming back and the crowns are fitting just as well as with Impregum. Also, Aquasil tastes better,” he says.

Dr. Delson understands that doctors have many opportunities to invest in when it comes to equipment for the office. He also says that some products are just gimmicks and don’t answer a problem in the practice. However, the digit Power Dispenser isn’t one of those products. Dr. Delson says it’s an evolutionary product rather than a revolutionary one.

“There wasn’t a problem with a manual syringe; this product just does a great job,” he says.

For doctors who are reluctant to invest in another gadget for the office, Dr. Delson encourages them to give the digit Power Dispenser a chance.

“This is the easiest thing to learn in the world. It takes 30 seconds to learn and you are as good at it as you’ll ever be. It’s very straightforward. It’s rechargeable. There is nothing about it that isn’t easy to use and it does make life a little bit easier, so why not?”

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