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How to redefine smile makeovers in 2014 [VIDEO]

Issue 12

Think you need multiple veneers to complete a smile makeover? Dr. Harvey Silverman tells you why that might not be the case.

Think you need multiple veneers to complete a smile makeover? Dr. Harvey Silverman tells you why that might not be the case.

Do you feel a smile makeover consists of six, eight or 10 veneers? Many dentists do. Recently I had a conversation with a dentist who told me a smile makeover could not be accomplished with only a few veneers. He felt a dentist needed to place more veneers for it to be a smile makeover.

I understood his point of view. You probably do as well. Placing multiple veneers is often considered the norm when doing a smile makeover. I used to routinely recommend multiple veneers to my patients. Fortunately, though, that may no longer be necessary. 

With advances in technology and single visit veneers it's time to ask, "does a smile makeover always require multiple veneers?” Considering that fewer patients can afford it, the answer may be “no, not always.”

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a makeover is “the process of making a change to improve someone’s appearance.” With that definition in mind, placing a few veneers can qualify as a makeover. 

Re-thinking the smile makeover

Maybe it is time to redefine a smile makeover. Moving away from expensive, extensive veneer placement to "can recommending less cosmetic dentistry indeed be better for the patient and the practice?"  

Dentists trained at the Silverman Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry have found that to be the case. Here’s why.

In the past many doctors who treatment planned multiple veneers to do a smile makeover often did only a few cases per year because of the economy. 

After embracing the new definition of a makeover as described above, these same dentists did far more cosmetic dentistry, placing 20 or more veneers in just the first month alone. Their patients were thrilled, the team became energized and the practice achieved greater cosmetic case acceptance. 

Here’s the key to implementing this. First you need to determine whether optimum(versus conventional) elective cosmetic dentistry provides the transformation the patient is looking to have prior to recommending treatment.

Here’s how you can do that with Smile Preview Veneers from EasySmile LifeLike Veneers

Computer imaging is one tool you might use. However, I always have been concerned I couldn’t replicate what a computer believed was possible with my skill set. There are variables that separate imaging predictions from clinical results.

In my hands I found the best, most effective and easiest diagnostic tool is using Smile Preview Veneers from EasySmile LifeLike Veneers™ . To be clear, these are not pre-formed veneers.  They are actual veneers that are created in-office and tried on the teeth without purchasing expensive dental equipment, literally in just minutes.

What I like is how the Smile Preview Veneer effortlessly pre-qualifies the patient while creating the actual veneer that is tried on the patient’s tooth. Thus, if a patient approves the proposed smile makeover achieved through the use of a few Smile Preview Veneers you have accomplished the following:

1. You and your patient will instantly know if the concept of doing optimal cosmetic dentistry can solve his or her problem.

2. You will know if the size, shape and color of the Smile Preview Veneer blends with the adjacent teeth to create a natural-looking appearance.3.

3. You instantly pre-qualify your patient. If you cannot achieve a pleasing esthetic transformation with one, two, three or four Smile Preview Veneers it is best to know that up front and then explore other conventional treatment options.

An alternative to creating a Smile Preview Veneer is taking an impression of the teeth and having your laboratory do a wax-up. However that approach is time consuming and may be less relatable to your patient. 

Another option is performing a chairside mock-up. While a mock-up is helpful, it is not nearly as effective, informative or powerful as a smile preview veneer.  Mock-ups are laborious, requiring tinting agents, dentin and enamel shades and need significant shaping and polishing. 

An additional option is trying on preformed veneers. However, fitting preformed veneers can be time consuming, expensive and has obvious challenges.

The key advantage of the EasySmile LifeLike Veneer™ System is the Smile Preview Veneer™ allows both the dentist and patient to determine if doing optimal cosmetic dentistry solves the patient’s problem.

If that is the case, then the process of making a change to improve an individual’s appearance may indeed be accomplished with a few veneers.


Training required

An advantage (or disadvantage if you perceive it as such)is that dentists cannot just purchase an EasySmile kit. Like Invisalign, the dentist must first be trained in the technology. Training can be at no cost when done online as part of a unique hands-on webinar (limited to four dentists per session). 

Dentists and team members can also be trained on-site or as part of an over-the-shoulder program. Once trained you will have that “aha” reaction after experiencing how easy it is to create Smile Preview Veneers and how persuasive and effective they are as a diagnostic/patient educational tool. 

The benefits

The new smile makeover using the EasySmile approach will be good for your practice (you will do more/better cosmetic dentistry and find it to be stress free), it will benefit your patients (it will be more affordable, less invasive and more natural looking) and will be appreciated by your entire team (they embrace the “no selling” marketing, management and breakthrough technology).

In most dental practices patients of record still have at least one tooth they want to change the size, shape or appearance of. In our anecdotal studies 80% of patients of record felt that way.

Do you think your patients are different? They aren’t. I guarantee you will find that to be the case once you have been trained in the EasySmile System. 

The take aways

Thanks to EasySmile LifeLike Veneers™ patent pending Smile Preview Veneer System™ a smile makeover can be redefined and achieved by doing optimal elective cosmetic dentistry to give the patient a self-confident smile. 

The patent pending Smile Preview Veneer system lets you know if one, two, three or four veneers (sometimes with tooth whitening) is all the patient needs before taking on a case.

If you are a little worried about ROI, don’t be. While EasySmile is patient-centered in terms of achieving the greatest benefit, dental practices also receive an ROI up to $2,000/hour. 

You can now easily place up to four EasySmile LifeLike Veneers™ in an hour-effortlessly. How many other systems are so affordable, generate gorgeous smile transformations in one fun, stress free visit and also provide you with a ROI like that with no lab bill and no preformed veneers? Not many… if any.

Why you should give it a try

If you are a little skeptical about this system, I understand. But EasySmile has been Beta tested and the results are very powerful.

Dentists who thought demand for their cosmetic dentistry services had been tapped out found that was not the case. As one dentist put it:

 “I do know this. If the patient’s goal is to transform one or a few teeth, the (EasySmile) Life Like Veneer is the only way to go. I love having complete control over the creative process and (how it) literally blends in with the remaining teeth.” 

You really do have untapped cosmetic cases in your practice. We will show you how to find and help these patients with EasySmile’s patient education tools.

You will even start several cases the same week you are trained once you learn how to create Smile Preview Veneers. Best of all you will learn how to give your patients the gift of a beautiful, self-confident smile (without breaking their bank with EasySmile LifeLike Veneers™) in the coming year. 

Watch this video to see how easy and sensible the EasySmile's LifeLike Veneer™ System is if you want to pre-qualify your patients using Smile Preview Veneers™.      

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