How to jump start your cosmetic dentistry practice


How to jump start your cosmetic dentistry practice and determine who is a candidate for direct veneers.

Have you ever wondered which of your patients would be happy with the final outcome of your cosmetic dentistry services? Many dentists have.

If you fall into that category, advances in direct veneer technology-using resins that are more stain resistant, durable and natural looking than previous generations of conventional composites-may be the solution for your practice and patients.

This author has found that using a patent pending Smile Preview Veneer can allow the practitioner to custom make a resin veneer from scratch in literally minutes. It eliminates the time-consuming, technique-sensitive procedural and artistic skill set required with previous direct veneer systems.

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Furthermore, it allows you to offer a non-invasive solution to what has traditionally been an invasive, extensive treatment.

If you placed conventional direct veneers in the past you may have some hesitation about doing direct veneers again. Direct veneers tended to stain or wear, and required ongoing maintenance. Additionally, the unspoken objection was that direct veneers required a lot of chair time creating the proper size, shape and appearance, whereas with porcelain veneers the laboratory created the appearance for you.

The good news is that new direct veneer systems allow you to solve these problems. Placing direct veneers is no longer the time consuming procedure that requires the artistic skill set it used to require. It also doesn't have the stain and wear problems that caused many dentists to avoid direct veneers in the past.

A look at how direct veneers can be used in your practice

Below is a patient who did not want to have orthodontia. Her main concern was improving the appearance of her maxillary anterior teeth so she would have a more self-confident smile.

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The question is, can you accomplish that objective for this patient? Computer imaging is one methodology you might use to determine that. But how do you really know if you can achieve what the computer believes is possible? You might be able to accomplish what the imaging predicted. Then again, what do you do if the clinical outcome does not match what the computer imaging anticipated?

The same is true for wax-ups. And with wax-ups it is incumbent upon the patient to imagine what the outcome would look like on their teeth. That can be a challenge.

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The solution: there is a patent pending Smile Preview Veneer you can custom make and place directly on the tooth. It clearly shows the patient what the final result will look like on their teeth, and if a non-invasive solution using direct veneer technology is going to satisfy their expectations. It has the additional advantage of being reversible since it has not been permanently bonded in the preview state. If you do not know how to create a Smile Preview Veneer feel free to contact this author and you can learn how to do it in literally minutes.

Before Picture


After Picture








This before and after photo of a patient who came in for her Smile Preview Veneers shows exactly what is possible with this approach. The "guess work" was eliminated. What the patient saw with the Smile Preview Veneer was what she would be getting if she proceeded with having the Smile Preview Veneers cemented on permanently. The transformation was achieved in minutes without using templates or preformed veneers. Dentists I have taught this technology to have told me it has brought back the joy of doing cosmetic dentistry. 

Once you adopt this technology, you will take on more cosmetic dentistry cases every week. You will gain a higher degree of confidence regarding who is a candidate for non-invasive cosmetic dentistry, and your patient will experience how state-of-the-art direct veneers can solve their problem. 

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