How to engage your patients on Facebook, Issue 2

Check out these 6 simple ways to be more engaging on Facebook.

Check out these 6 simple ways to be more engaging on Facebook.

So, you created a Facebook page for your practice because everyone told you it was great for marketing; great for finding prospective patients. But you can’t seem to do anything with it but get some “likes” here and there.

Don’t give up. Maybe you haven’t utilized the social media to its limit yet?

The key is to be engaging, and to interact with your current and prospective clients.

Here are 6 simple ways to be more engaging on Facebook:

Be Responsive

View your Facebook page as another arm of your customer service. You wouldn’t ignore a call from a prospective patient inquiring about a procedure, so why wouldn’t you answer a Facebook inquiry?

Make sure to check your account for notifications as least once a day. You don’t want anyone who asked a question waiting too long. Most targeted questions will come in the form of a private message and broader ones on your Facebook wall. Also, make sure there is a clear way to contact your practice via phone on your page. Some folks who find your page may not want to wait a day before calling. Make it easy for them.

Be Visual

Facebook loves photos. Facebook users love photos. It’s a win-win. Posts with visual content routinely get more attention; more interaction. Post photos of daily life at the office. Post photos of some of your practice team. Show off the personal side of the staff.

Or, if you find a funny photo or meme online that you think your audience would get a laugh from, post that, too.

Show Your Personality

How personal you get with your Facebook content depends on your comfort level. But fans like it when they can get a feel for you and take a look into your practice via social media. Sharing personal content makes those who like your page feel connected to your office.

You all seem more human. People respond to that.

Highlight Your Team

Highlighting your employees humanizes your practice, and it’s super easy. Take a picture of your team members on the job, in the office or spending time with each other, even if it’s out of the office at the annual practice get-together. Let your online fans know more about them. What is their title? Hobbies? Favorite part of the day?

Ask Your Fans Questions

Are you giving your fans a chance to be engaging? Ask them questions that will encourage them to answer. They can be simple and practice-related:

What’s makes you feel comfortable in the dental chair?

To questions about their daily life:

I’m going to see [insert newest romantic comedy here] at the theater this weekend. What do you all plan to do?

Make Sure to Keep Posting

Don’t let your Facebook profile go dead just because you haven’t gotten the kind of interaction you’ve expected yet. Leaving the page dormant doesn’t bode well for the rate of visibility of future posts. You have to post new and relevant content keep people interested.

Depending on your current fans and how much time you want to devote to Facebook, it’s good practice to post at least once a day.

Not hooked up with Facebook yet and need to learn how to create a page? Check out this helpful how-to video from DPR.