How Amann Girrbach America's Ceramill line offers labs options

Digital Esthetics, Dental Lab Products-2014-11-01, Issue 11

Amann Girrbach’s Ceramill desktop CAD/CAM system includes industry-leading scanners, design software, milling units, furnaces and materials. To give Ceramill its power to help laboratories make more, Amann Girrbach built the system on a set of core principles that go beyond the pursuit of the latest technology and features.

Amann Girrbach’s Ceramill desktop CAD/CAM system includes industry-leading scanners, design software, milling units, furnaces and materials. To give Ceramill its power to help laboratories make more, Amann Girrbach built the system on a set of core principles that go beyond the pursuit of the latest technology and features.

The Ceramill system includes a range of products that benefit laboratories, including the Ceramill Motion 2 mill (which comes in both 5-axis and 4-axis models), the Ceramill Map400 scanner, the Ceramill Mind software, and an assortment of restorative materials - with more products coming soon. 

Beneficial attributes of the Ceramill system include:

Modular: Expand-don’t replace-your CAD/CAM system as your needs evolve.

Open: Seamlessly export, import, modify and process STL files. 

Specialized: Experience a system built specifically for the sophisticated needs of dental laboratories.

Complete: Increase accuracy and speed with Ceramill’s fully integrated components.

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5-axis Ceramill Motion 2

The 5-axis Ceramill Motion 2 mill is a precise, versatile and open hybrid CNC machine that allows dental laboratories of all sizes to fabricate exceptionally precise esthetic restorations in-house. This Motion 2 combines 5-axis simultaneous milling and grinding technology in wet or dry modes for material appropriate processing. The five axes improve milling accuracy and speed, quickly capturing precise functional detail from every possible angle.

The Ceramil Motion 2 mill in action.

The Motion 2 is capable of handling a broad range of indications including full-contour crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, abutments and zirconia frameworks, as well as full-arch restorations. It also can process a broad array of materials such as Ceramill Zolid or Zi zirconia, PMMA, Sintron® soft chrome cobalt, glass ceramics and lithium disilicate. Built on a modular platform, the Motion 2 is easily upgradeable, able to grow with the laboratory to meet changing demands as new indications and materials become available. The Motion 2 is user-friendly with an intuitive software interface and built-in features such as automatic tool length measurement, automatic tool changer and interchangeable blank holders to accommodate specific materials. It is also compatible with other open scanning equipment to seamlessly process all imported or modified STL files.

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4-axis Motion 2

Interchangeable blank holders make switching materials easy.

This new, entry-level Motion 2 mill is equipped with the precision and high performance components of the 5-axis Motion 2 mill, providing far greater options than previous 4-axis machines. Also capable of wet/dry milling and wet grinding, this Motion 2 unit has intelligent 4-axis machining that reaches into undercuts; can handle a broad range of indications and materials; and is also compatible with other open scanning equipment.  

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Ceramill Map400 Scanner

The Ceramill Map400 scanner is the next generation of advanced, fully automatic, high-performance digital scanners from Amann Girrbach designed to work seamlessly with the Ceramill Mind software and the c. Highly sensitive 3D sensors provide exceptionally precise (<20 µm), high-resolution data; a wide angle measuring field is able to handle even the largest restorations while minimizing the number of scan images required; and just two axes reduce the scan times of full arches and articulated casts, allowing the lab to quickly and precisely scan articulated casts, bite registrations, diagnostic models, soft tissue models and wax-ups, plus bridges up to 14 units. The scanner is built on an open architecture platform that is fully integrated with the Ceramill Mind software to easily export, import, modify or process STL files.

Ceramill Mind Software

The Ceramill Mind software is the “brain” of the Ceramill System. This intuitive CAD software is based on traditional workflow processes, making it easy to use, and an open architecture platform that allows labs to work with other open hardware or software for maximum flexibility. It also features precise automatic recognition of the prepped margin, automatic bridge and connector design, a choice of tooth libraries, and the ability to automatically adapt the tooth library to the teeth of the scanned diagnostic model.

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Ceramill materials

The power and flexibility of the Ceramill system is enhanced by Amann Girrbach’s continued commitment to the development of the industry’s most advanced restorative materials. Recent innovations for use with the Ceramill Motion 2 mill include Ceramill Zolid, a stable, non-veneered translucent zirconia with outstanding esthetics; and Ceramill Sintron®, a soft chrome cobalt that now allows labs to mill non-precious restorations in-house.

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Coming Soon: Ceramill Ti-Forms* and Ceramill Mikro

Amann Girrbach’s latest innovation is the Ceramill Ti-Forms system, which will allow laboratories to use their Motion 2 mill and the Ceramill M-Plant software expansion module to produce individual one-piece titanium abutments entirely in-house. The system will include preforms with prefabricated connectors for all major implant systems.

For labs just entering the world of CAD/CAM, or those looking to increase capacity for everyday procedures, Amann Girrbach is introducing the Ceramill Mikro. This compact, economical, 4-axis mill is suitable for dry milling blanks and single blocks of zirconia, wax, hybrid-ceramic or dry-millable composite materials.

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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