Handpieces: Size does matter

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2013-01-01, Issue 1

Hear from Dr. Howard Glazer and Bien-Air USA General Manager Arthur Mateen on the MX2 Micro-Series handpiece from Bien-Air.

Hear from Dr. Howard Glazer and Bien-Air USA General Manager Arthur Mateen on the MX2 Micro-Series handpiece from Bien-Air.

Q: What is the most frequent question or concern you hear from dental professionals about this category?
A: Historically the weight and size of the product have been the major concerns.  Especially with the growing number of female dentists, the tremendous benefits provided by electric handpieces have been overshadowed by the size.

Q: How does your company and your product specifically, seek to answer that question or meet that need?
A: Last year, Bien-Air introduced the world’s smallest handpiece and motor combination called the Micro Series.  To achieve the perfect balance, not only have we reduced the size of our motor, we also reduced the size of the handpiece and tubing connector.  Now, the Bien-Air Micro Series handpieces and the MX2 motor are almost the same size of the traditional air driven handpieces.

Q: What about this product category do you think helps the dentist practice better clinical dentistry?
A: For the last 5 years, electric handpieces have been in the top 10 lists of virtually all practitioners. Fifty percent of the US dentists and 95% of the European dentists are using electric motors.  This unique technology combines the tactile sense and torque of the belt-driven handpiece with speed of the air turbine to provide incredible ease of use at a very low noise level. Electric handpieces, when maintained properly, last longer than air driven handpieces and provide unrivalled flexibility.  The same motor system can be used for highspeed, lowspeed, endo and prophy procedures.

Q: How is your company or product leading the way for innovation in this category?
A: We strive to embrace technology. Our iChiropro is one of the first systems in dentistry that uses an iPad/iPhone interface to control electric handpieces. With use of such device, we offer endless possibilities of customization, training as well as after sales service. Our plan is to keep our customer updated by simply downloading an app. In addition, the new line of Bien-Air air turbines combines avant-garde technology with exceptional ergonomics. Inspired by the latest breakthroughs in the most demanding environments, such as aerospace, sailing and competitive sport, the Blackline carbon fiber handpiece is ten times lighter than steel and offers improved resistance to wear and friction.


Optima MX2 / Micro-Series
Bien-Air’s new range of ultra-short handpieces, Micro-Series, offer optimal balance, exceptional power and versatility, all at 30% shorter and 23% lighter than the competition. Combined with the new MX2 LED micromotor, the total instrument size is no larger than an air-driven highspeed. With its ultra-compact size, MX2 offers the same performance as the company’s world-leading MX micromotor, including power, versatility and perfect speed control, as well as auto-reverse and torque limitation capabilities ideal for endo. The brushless MX2 electric-motor system features one handpiece capable of highspeed and lowspeed applications, and needs only one more handpiece to meet NiTi endodontic requirements. With 40 programmable memory settings, it provides a sophisticated, user-friendly system. Installed internally to seamlessly integrate into your dental unit.

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