Going digital with a little help from ETI Digital Technology [VIDEO]

Digital Esthetics, Dental Lab Products-2014-09-01, Issue 9

Going digital is increasingly important in a dental industry that has embraced technology like never before. As dental laboratories look to make a leap into the future of lab work, it's become increasingly important to identify systems and solutions that can provide dependable technology into the future.

Going digital is increasingly important in a dental industry that has embraced technology like never before. As dental laboratories look to make a leap into the future of lab work, it's become increasingly important to identify systems and solutions that can provide dependable technology into the future.

One solution that has found an eager audience is ETI Digital Technology, which helps labs figure out what kind of CAD/CAM system will be best for their needs. We recently spoke to a lab about their experience partnering with ETI Digital Technology. Here's what they had to say:

The Lab:

Advanced Dental Ceramics (ADC) is a three-person dental laboratory in Temecula, Calif. Owned by John Rounds, a dental technician with 18 years of experience, the crown-and-bridge lab opened in 2008, specializing in the production of cosmetic anterior work. As a result, their requirements for contours, fit, morphology and esthetics are very high. Rounds was looking for a way to manage the work flow more efficiently so he could continue to grow his business without sacrificing the quality for which ADC was known.

The Partner:

ETI Digital Technology is a division of ETI Empire Direct, specializing in offering digital solutions and support to laboratories looking to enter into a more digital workflow. They offer products like Dental Wings scanners and milling machines from Roland DGA, along with ETI’s UNIQUE CAM software that helps labs of any size produce high-quality restoration in less time using more efficient processes. ETI Digital Technology also prides itself on the support for its partner labs, offering immediate customer service and assistance on a variety of case types.

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The Results:

John Rounds, owner of Advanced Dental Ceramics and 18-year dental technician, found himself at a crossroads encountered by many labs. He found that there was enough work for him to expand, but he was having trouble finding a technician experienced enough that he could trust to do the work expected out of ADC. Seeing his business growth approaching a plateau, he knew he needed to find a way to output more work-without sacrificing the quality expected by his clients.

He found his solution by purchasing a CAD/CAM system from ETI Digital Technology-a system that included a Dental Wings scanner and a Roland DGA DWX-4 mill, which ran on ETI’s own UNIQUE CAM software.

Why did you invest in the ETI Digital Technology System?

“One of the main reasons I bought this system was to streamline that workflow. This system helps me out. In the beginning, I wasn’t a fan of technology in general-I’m a technician, not a computer guy! I didn’t think it could get the quality I needed. But I was extremely impressed with Dental Wings, Roland and UNIQUE CAM. The margins on the milled wax are perfect. The zirconia margins were great-and I’m hard to impress. It’s hard to find a technician anymore to help me out, and I knew this system could do that.”

How has the system changed improved your lab’s operations?

“I am actually saving a lot of money versus what I was spending when I was outsourcing, and I am still receiving the same high quality restorations. But the advantage is not only in the financial return-I can keep the quality up since I can do it with my own hands.

I was switching back and forth between a couple labs for outsourcing. When I was outsourcing with the full-contour zirconia, I didn’t like how they looked-whether it was what zirconia they were using, how they were staining it or what. I’m using stains now, and I can control it and make the final look really nice.

The doctors love it. Margins are great; the tissue response is great and for me, there’s less labor involved than even with a PFM. So I’m able to be more productive.

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You invested in the Dental Wings-UNIQUE-Roland technologies. Can you describe how the different components work together?

“With a scanner, I need it to create abutments, copings, full contour crowns and I need it to be accurate. You want it to be fast while sitting in front of the computer. With ETI Digital Technology we did a demo on the Dental Wings scanner. I went through a couple crowns and a bridge, and found it easy to use. The accuracy was great, and the workflow was fast. For the price I looked at it and said, ‘This can really help me out and do what I need to do.’ It does crowns, bridges, veneers, everything I was asking.

“The UNIQUE CAM is so easy to use, and it’s so fast. With UNIQUE CAM, it’s, ‘click, click, and you’re done.’ Also, it lets you overlap on your blocks so you can get more restorations out of a single block.”

How did you manage the transition to become a digital lab?

“That’s probably what I’m impressed with the most. John Just has been there every step of the way. Like I said, I’m not a computer guy at all, so there have been a few “Hey John, how do I do this?” calls! And with those calls, he’s there. He answers his phone, and he’ll log on to Team Viewer. You have a question? He’s on it. If he doesn’t know, he’s emailing you in 20 minutes with what he found out. ETI Digital Technology has been great with all of their after sale technical support.

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What have you heard from your clients (and by extension, the patients) about the restorations you’ve been able to produce with your new system?

“The doctors love it-there’s no porcelain to fracture off, they love the fit, and they love the esthetics. Their reaction to it was, ‘I love it, let’s do it.’ I haven’t seen a PFM from one doctor since I started with this. The margins are much thinner and accurate than with a PFM; it’s a really nice fitting, good looking and, obviously, the strength is there, too.”

The Dental Wings 3Series scanner

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your transition to ETI Digital Technology?

“From a technician standpoint, there’s less labor involved. It’s opened up my day. I’m leaving earlier than I used to. It’s cut out my labor significantly, and I’m still happy with my quality. It’s not a compromise in quality at all-it’s actually an improvement.”