EverSmile's PreOp rinse said to kill coronavirus


EverSmile's PreOp Foaming Rinse is said to kill 99.7% of human coronavirus and 99.999% of unwanted oral bacteria.

EverSmile PreOp Foaming Rinse

EverSmile has introduced its new PreOp™ pretreatment rinse. PreOp is designed to clean, disinfect, and debride the oral cavity before dental procedures begin.

Using a 3.8% hydrogen peroxide, anionic surfactant formula, this rinse exceeds a previous American Dental Association recommendation of a 1.5% hydrogen peroxide pretreatment rinse. PreOp is described as the first preoperative rinse to inactive the coronavirus strain 229E, killing 99.7% of the human coronavirus compared with a 1.5% hydrogen peroxide formula alone.

While other rinses reportedly take as long as 60 seconds, PreOp takes just 15 seconds, saving time and increasing peace of mind. No mixing is required; PreOp’s measured dispenser ensures proper dosing without waste—1 16 ounce bottle is said to treat as many as 100 patients. The rinse is available in 2 patient-friendly flavors, mint and bubblegum.

Coronavirus studies available at:​​​ eversmilewhite.com/studies​

For more information, visit eversmilewhite.com.

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