EnvisionTEC previews Vida cDLM 3D printer

The new 3D printer is designed to be highly accurate and efficient.

EnvisionTEC previewed a new high-speed 3D printer, the Vida cDLM. This is the second 3D printer based on EnvisionTEC’s patented Continuous Digital Light Manufacturing technology, which reportedly allows for accurate, high-speed 3D printing with few supports.

Compact design:

The new Vida cDLM offers the same build envelope as the original Vida 3D printer that launched in 2015 (3.78 x 2.13 x 3.94 inches), but is said to put print speeds into overdrive with continuous motion of the build platform in the Z axis.


The machine is said to be highly accurate, with an XY resolution of 50 microns and a Z resolution range of 25 to 150 microns, depending on the material.  

Easy cleanup:

The new technology reportedly reduces the need for supports, allowing for easier cleanup and 3D printing of castable partial frameworks with delicate clasps.