Dr. Martin Goldstein on the TwinPower Series Handpieces from J. Morita USA: "The annoying handpiece whine has been all but eliminated"

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2013-01-01, Issue 1

Hear from Dr. Martin B. Goldstein on the TwinPower Ultra Series Handpieces from J. Morita USA.

Hear from Dr. Martin B. Goldstein on the TwinPower Ultra Series Handpieces from J. Morita USA.

A few months back the good people at J. Morita asked if I would like to try out their soon-to-be-introduced TwinPower Ultra series handpieces. I was told I would be quite surprised by the ability of such a small handpiece to cut like a full-sized counterpart. I thought to myself, “Sure…what have I got to lose?”

The TwinPower Ultras arrived as promised in two flavors. The UltraM (the smaller of the two) intended for use with short shank burs and normal burs up to 20 mm in length, and the UltraE, slightly larger, to be used with standard burs. I grabbed the UltraM and offered the UltraE to my partner, who was more than happy to participate in the evaluation.

As we began using the J. Morita handpiece, the first thing my assistant and I noticed is how difficult it was to tell if the handpiece was running when I engaged the rheostat. Why? The UltraM kind of “whispers” as it runs. The annoying handpiece whine (6000-7000 Hz range) has been all but eliminated. We also noticed the concentricity of the bur spinning in place. It sounds crazy to say but the revolutions are so smooth and chatter free that the bur looks like it isn’t moving. We also liked the fact that when I remove my foot from the rheostat, the bur immediately stops spinning with not so much as a single drop of water dripping from the water jets.

OK, that’s all great but how does it cut? Did it hold me back with respect to speed of operation? After working with the handpiece for a month, I’ve become accustomed to using the heavy hitter handpiece and the UltraM interchangeably. When it comes to “everyday” tooth preparation, the differences in cutting ability between the two handpieces are non-discernable. In fact, when I need “peace and quiet,” I’ll grab the UltraM rather than the noisy big brother. The one instance I might not use the UltraM would be to cut off an old crown. Why tempt fate?


TwinPower Turbine Ultra Series
The TwinPower Turbine Ultra Series offers excellent cutting ability with smooth, chatter-free revolutions. A compact head design allows for exceptional posterior access and offers improved views with a mirror or microscope. Although they are ‘mini’ handpieces, clinician reviews have noted this series is powerful enough for everyday tooth preparation. This product line includes the new UltraM and UltraE. The UltraM is the smallest of the two with a head height of just 10.6 mm and 18 watts of power. Its unique head design accepts standard burs up to 20 mm in length. The slightly larger UltraE is 12.7 mm tall and offers 20 watts of power with standard burs.

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