Dr. John Graeber discusses how CariVu has impacted his dental practice and patients

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We recently sat down with New Jersey’s Dr. John Graeber and talked with him about his experience with CariVu from DEXIS. 

We recently sat down with New Jersey’s Dr. John Graeber and talked with him about his experience with CariVu from DEXIS. 

The CariVu caries detection system features proprietary infrared transillumination for seeing through the tooth, reportedly highlighting conditions not easily detected by other caries detection technologies. Dentists are said to be able to quickly gain confidence and confirm diagnoses, plus CariVu is an easy-to-use tool that hygienists can incorporate into routine cleanings. Other features include DEXIS software integration and a soft, flexible tip for easy and comfortable positioning.

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DPR: How did you first find out about CariVu?

Dr. Graeber: I went to a study club meeting where the CariVu was featured in the presentation. I had worked with transillumination technology before so I understood the value of what was being discussed maybe more than my peers who were there.

After I saw what it could do, I remember commenting that that device could find something every day for me that I had been missing. My prediction has come true. I examine eight to 10 people a day with this device and it’s amazing. CariVu has the capability to examine the structure around metallic fillings and can detect early decay. I can look under composites with this device to see if there is decay. To me, it’s now a part of my everyday examination.

DPR: How does it fit into your practice?

Dr. Graeber: DEXIS produces excellent digital radiography and intraoral camera devices. This dovetails right into that. I can save images and show them to the patient. It’s hard to see many of the nuances on digital radiography that I can see on the CariVu.

My patients will look at an image that I take using the CariVu and immediately say, ‘Wow, that’s cool.’ If I have used the technology on them once already, they will remind me to use it the next time they are in the practice. I don’t even want to show people their X-rays any more. CariVu is an excellent patient education tool.

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DPR: What kind of learning curve was there for you and your team?

Dr. Graeber: It’s literally a plug and play device. It’s effortless and so fast. Anyone can use it. It’s so easy to use and it’s hard to get a false positive or miss something in the diagnosis. It’s a great piece of technology that is very accurate.

DPR: What would you tell your colleagues about why they should have this in your practice?

Dr. Graeber: If you can’t get a verification from another device and you can’t find problems in your patients that you couldn’t see before, it’s not going to provide the clinical or financial results you were hoping to see.

With CariVu, it’s easy for me to spot fractures. It penetrates deeper and even transilluminates through the root of the tooth. It works even better than I expected.

I will even say that it’s so accurate that it could replace bitewing X-rays in my practice one day. That’s how strongly I feel about what CariVu can do for my patients.

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