DPR Friday: February launches from DenMat, Kerr, Align and Kuraray [VIDEO]

dentalproductsreport.com-2013-02-01, Issue 2

Host Thais Carter covers the 4 new dental products that grace Dental Products Report's February cover.

Host Thais Carter covers the 4 new dental products that grace Dental Products Report's February cover.

DenMat, Kerr, Kuraray and Align take top honors this month! I can’t wait to share our picks for cover-worthy products …

It’s Friday, Feb. 1, and this is DPR Friday, brought to you by Align Technology Inc., makers of Invisalign.



Welcome to this week’s episode of DPR Friday. I’m Thais Carter, Director of Content for Advanstar Dental Media. At this point, you know the drill. It’s the first Friday of the month, which can only mean one thing: cover products.

The new SOL diode laser from DenMat is said to be the ideal device for both entry-level and experienced laser users, delivering all the power and essential features you demand in a laser, but a fraction of the price. SOL™ delivers true portability, power and precision, along with enhanced ergonomics, a simple interface, and a high-contrast aiming beam designed to make laser dentistry easier than ever. And did I mention - It also happens to be incredibly affordable.

Kerr’s NX3 XTR cementation system is said to be the optimum solution for cementing virtually any type of CAD/CAM dental restoration. The system combines NX3 Nexus™ third generation universal dental cement with OptiBond® XTR self-etch, the universal dental bonding agent for permanent cementation for all esthetic materials with reportedly effortless removal, superior color stability, high adhesion and minimal post-op sensitivity. The compatibility of the cement and bonding agent eliminates the need to light cure the adhesive, resulting in virtually no film thickness, fewer seating issues and imperceptible margins.

Combining exceptional esthetics and value, CLEARFIL™ MAJESTY ES-2 Premium composite material from Kuraray covers all 15 classical shades with five enamel and dentin shades. Light-diffusion, or LD technology, is said to provide for easy blending of the color of the surrounding tooth structure. The composite is available in syringe or preloaded tip.

And, rounding out the fantastic four, Align Technology’s iTero®  imaging system is now available as a single hardware platform with software options for restorative and orthodontic procedures. The improved device has advanced optics and enhanced algorithms that are said to substantially increase the speed of capture to reduce overall scanning time. The new scanning wand and fiberoptic cord are light and ergonomic. Additionally, full color model rendering is available that enables clinicians to show patients a life-like final model of their scanned dentition.

For those of you looking for a more personal take on products, indulge me for just another few seconds. You may have noticed a new piece in DPR called the Featured Practice Profile, in which real dentists – just like you – reflect on recent purchases that have made a positive impact on their clinical care, patient response and compliance, or the practice bottom line. We recently featured  a profile on Dr. Kristine Aadland, a 2006 graduate of Oregon Health Science University who had a clear vision for what she wanted her dream practice to encompass. After being turned down and labeled crazy by other potential dealer partners, she found a kindred spirit in Greg Sork of Patterson Dental. We look at the gorgeous practice set-up that resulted from their partnership and hope you’ll find inspiration in making your dream practice a reality. Go to unbouncepages.com/patterson-featured-practice-2/.

And on that note, we’re out of time. For more on the latest products and industry news, don’t miss DPR Friday next week, and every week.

Thanks for watching, and have a great weekend.