DMG’s Icon partners with iconic dental school

USC’s Ostrow School of Dentistry adds this noninvasive early caries infiltration to its curriculum.

DMG announced its Icon caries infiltrant is being incorporated into the preclinical education curriculum at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC.

When introduced 10 years ago, Icon created an entirely new category of dentistry: caries infiltration. It was developed to treat incipient carious lesions by microinvasively blocking the progression of early interproximal caries while preserving healthy tooth structure to prolong the life expectancy of natural teeth. Prior to Icon, a clinician identifying incipient caries had two options: treat them invasively with drilling and anesthesia, or take a “wait-and-see” approach that required even more invasive treatment if the incipient caries transitioned into advanced caries.

With Icon, the clinician reportedly can immediately treat the incipient lesion without the use of drilling or anesthesia. The caries infiltrant has also said to been shown to be highly effective in treating white spot lesions.

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DMG and the Ostrow School of Dentistry have a long history of collaboration. Jin-Ho Phark, DDS, DMD, associate professor of clinical dentistry in the school’s division of restorative sciences, has been instrumental over the years in the research and development of Icon. Dr. Phark is one of dentistry’s leading authorities and advocate regarding the importance of offering minimally invasive treatment to patients, particularly regarding the treatment of caries.

Dr. Phark incorporated Icon into USC’s cariology curriculum for first-year students beginning in the fall of 2018. Each student receives an Icon Proximal patient pack that treats two lesions and includes:

  • One 0.30 mL syringe of Icon-Etch

  • One 0. 5 mL syringe of Icon-Dry

  • One 0.45 mL syringe of Icon-Infiltrant

  • Six proximal tips

  • Four dental wedges

DMG’s research, clinical affairs, special markets and university Rrlations teams are working collaboratively to pursue similar initiatives with other leading dental schools across the country.

DMG also announced it will be launching Icon-Etch Refill etching gel to its Icon Smooth Surface product line on July 1.

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