Desktop Health Partners with Keystone Industries

Desktop Health has partnered with Keystone Industries to validate KeySplint 3D printing resin materials for its Einstein 3D printer.

3D printing solutions company Desktop Health has partnered with photopolymer resin manufacturing company Keystone Industries. This partnership is meant to introduce more 3D printing dental resins to Desktop Health’s Einstein 3D printer, according to a press release from the companies.

One of these 3D printing resins to be introduced is KeySplint Soft. KeySplint Soft is 3D printing resin indicated for nightguards, dental splints, and bleaching trays. It is also optimized for DLP and FDA-cleared, proving to be both strong and flexible for patients looking for added comfort.

Desktop Health and Keystone will work together to offer 3D printing and resin solutions for dental professionals, leveraging their platforms for performance and efficiency, according to Founder and CEO of Desktop Metal, Ric Fulop.

“We are excited to work with Keystone Industries to make market-leading and trusted third-party resins available on our breakthrough Einstein 3D printer for dental clinicians and labs,” Fulop said in the press release. “We believe this partnership will help accelerate the adoption of digital solutions in the dental industry by bringing new levels of precision and productivity to advanced materials for a wide range of applications.”

This partnership made sense, as company missions and values aligned, according to president of Keystone’s dental division, Ira Rosenau said.

“Keystone Industries is committed to validating our KeyPrint line of dental resins in the most innovative and widely-adopted 3D printers for the dental market,” Rosenau said in the press release. "Desktop Health and its Einstein 3D printer fits well within the scope of our premium partnerships, and we were able to quickly validate the Einstein as KeyPrint Compatible, including with our leading KeySplint Soft material for flexible nightguards and splints. We are looking forward to working with the creative Desktop Health team to offer dental professionals an excellent combination of innovative resins with a reliable, high-performance platform like the Einstein.”