Dental Products Report's next act begins to take shape

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report August 2019
Volume 53
Issue 8

A new cover look and print style are among the latest upgrades to the print magazine.

As you read this, I hope it’s immediately apparent that something is different about Dental Products Report.

The magazine looks different on the front, the paper is thicker and for the first time in years, Dental Products Report is bound instead of stapled to provide a nicer spine for easier display and reference on a shelf. We’re investing in every aspect of this publication to provide you with the best possible dental product resource, and the exterior look is just the start.

Inside changes might be more subtle, but we’re taking a new approach to how we present our stories. Our monthly category roundups now feature more cat- egory details, and other features are also being designed with sidebars and quick facts. More improve- ments aimed at making our content easier to access and more pleasant to view are on the way.

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Why we’re doing this

I hope one of the first changes you noticed is that we’re back to calling ourselves Dental Products Report. This move goes way beyond just spelling out our full name to bet- ter fill the space on the magazine cover. It’s about embracing this publication’s legacy and living up to its reputation as the best dental products resource around.

Dental Products Report redesign

We want to be a showcase for any and every dental product. Our goal is to provide you with the details and information you need to make a decision as to whether or not that product is the best option for your practice and your patients.

That’s the dream powering our efforts, and it’s fitting that we’re launching our updates in our Dreamers and Doers issue, which includes profiles of seven dental companies and the people setting those companies up for success. Each of these companies has an interesting story about its products and the ways it works. Every one of those profiles of companies and people passionate about what they do is worth a read.

Next steps

With our updated print look in place, the next wave of change will focus on our website, dentalprod- The updated site is going to make our content easier to find and accessible on any con- nected device. We want you to be able to stop by our site for updates on new product innovations, industry news, topical and clini- cal articles, as well as long-form articles.

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We also have plans to expand our multimedia offerings. Our video production capabilities will debut at the American Dental Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco next month. We’ll be filming inter- views and other video content at future dental tradeshows as well.

Noah Levine

Noah Levine

As we look toward 2020, we’ll be rolling out new content for- mats in the magazine to showcase dental products in new ways and provide you with insights to help you evaluate those products. One part of those efforts is expanding the use of our Editorial Advisory Board and expanding that board itself.

Our board strives to be a diverse rep- resentation of all facets of the dental industry, and we’re always on the look- out for additional clinicians interested in writing about the products they use or sharing their thoughts on trends in the industry.

If you think such a role is right for you, send me a note.

Actually, if you think there’s anything we can or should be doing better or differently, send me a note.

Dental Products Report is published as a resource for you. Let us know when we’re on track, and defi- nitely let us know when we’re not.

We believe this issue and the future of Dental Products Report looks a lot nicer, feels nicer in your hand and is a nicer experience to read. We sincerely hope you agree.

We have a lot more planned, so let us know what you think of the changes as well as what else we can do to publish a product resource the dental industry deserves.

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