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Dental Products Report 2023 Spring Selection – Round 4 – Quadrant Finals


With the competing products trimmed down to 8, the Dental Products Report 2023 Spring Selection rolls on into the 4th round of voting.

Just 8 dental products remain alive as the Dental Products Report® 2023 Spring Selection begins the Quadrant Finals. There were some close matchups and some blowouts in the 3rd round of the tournament, but for the first time no ties requiring a flip of the coin to decide who advances.

The trends have clearly emerged with loupes being the only category of dental product with more than one representative still in the mix. Seedings also continue to mean little to voters, as all four number 1 seeds are now gone, and the final 8 consists of one 5 seed, 2 7 seeds, an 8 seed, a pair of 12 seeds, and another pair of 15 seeds.

Read on about this round's matchups and the paths each product took to get there, and then vote for the ones you want to see represent their quadrant in the semifinals next week.

Upper Left Quadrant Final

i700 Wireless Vs. Dragonfly

Medit i700 Wireless

The Medit i700 Wireless offers a smooth and quick scanning experience backed by 60-Ghz wireless technology. All-day scanning is supported by a single battery with 1 hour of continuous scanning and up to 8 hours in standby. The camera captures up to 70 frames per second and features a reversible tip and wider scanning area, for easy, comfortable scanning at any angle.

Orascoptic Dragonfly

Dragonfly is a powered loupe with a wireless headlight fully integrated into the eyewear frame. It is designed to seamlessly combine Orascoptic’s industry-leading optics and award-winning headlight into a single, lightweight product. All electronics and batteries are completely contained within the custom-built frame itself, so there are no visible wires or cables. Clinicians can customize their Dragonfly with multiple magnification powers, different carrier lens shapes, and a variety of colors.

In a matchup that will determine the Upper Left Champion, Medit's i700 Wireless is matched up against Orascoptic's Dragonfly. It's a versatile, go anywhere intraoral scanner versus a go anywhere, self-contained loupe and light system.

The path to the quarterfinals for the i700 Wireless has included victories over a power brush, and intraoral scanner, and most recently a solid showing as it advanced over a 3D print resin. For Dragonfly, the road has featured an equally varied opposition, but the loupes make it to the quarterfinals after storming past the DPR newsroom favorite, Surgio.

Who advances to the semifinals, the wireless scanner, or the wireless loupes?

i700 Wireless

Lower Left Quadrant Final

Infinity VUE Vs. K2 Mobile

Designs for Vision Infinity VUE Loupes

The Infinity VUE Loupes are designed to provide a straightforward approach to ergonomics and are available in 3.0×, 3.5× and 4.5x magnification. Infinity VUE (Vision up Ergonomics) is said to keep practitioners’ chins up, necks straight, and eyes forward while viewing the oral cavity. By changing the positioning of the internal prisms, these loupes allow you to see intraorally without having to bend your neck. Mounted on a Steam frame and with the side shields attached, the VUE Loupes weigh 3.2 oz.

K2 Mobile

Polaroid HealthCare has announced that they will distribute the HuLaser K2 Mobile Cordless Diode Laser. It is lightweight at 135 g, including the battery, and cordless. This diode laser has 22 preset programs and 4 memory settings for clinician convenience. It is designed to be efficient, durable, and powerful with 3.5 watts of continuous power and up to 6 watts pulse. It features autoclavable optic fibers, aluminum front cap, and silicone front covers, which are cost effective and hygienic. The K2 laser is available through any Polaroid HealthCare full service dealer.

The strong performance from magnification solutions continued in the Lower Left Quadrant where Designs for Vision's Infinity VUE loupes with take on the K2 Mobile diode laser. The loupes are the highest seed remaining in the bracket, but it's clear by now this has been any product's tournament from the start.

To make it to the Quadrant Final matchup Infinity VUE loupes have seen their way past a wide range of products with a stronger showing in each consecutive round. For the K2 Mobile laser the path to this match has been one victory after another over a technology product before it edged its way into the quarterfinals.

Will there be a loupes showdown in the next round, or will the diode laser continue to blast the competition??

Infinity VUE
K2 Mobile

Upper Right Quadrant Final

DWX 53-DC Vs. DentBird Crown


This new mill features an automatic 6-disc changer with 50% faster exchange and a 15-station automatic tool changer called Intelligent Tool Control. The DWX-53DC features a new 4-mm tool, allowing 30% faster roughing of PMMA than 3-mm tools. The mill contains a camera that works with VPanel and DGSHAPE Cloud software, combining these features to create a sleek, sturdy, streamlined product, according to the manufacturer. The DWX-53DC is designed with lab space in mind, making it suitable for smaller spaces. It also features automatic machine calibration, automatic air pressure control, and a replaceable spindle.

Dentbird Crown

DentBird Crown is an automatic crown design module that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically generates a crown prosthesis design in seconds based on a patient’s 3D scan data. The technology automatically finds the tooth that requires crown design by examining the dental 3D scan data. At the same time, it identifies the margin line between the tooth and gum and suggests an optimized margin line for the prosthesis. Then, it creates an optimal crown design in a matter of seconds after taking into consideration the surrounding and antagonist teeth.

The product that will represent the Upper Right Quadrant will definitely be a digital dentistry solution as this matchup pits Roland DGSHAPE's newest mill, the DWX-53DC up against DentBird's AI crown design system, DentBird Crown.

For the DWX-53DC this must seem like deja vu. For the past two rounds the robust milling system has faced off with artificial intelligence-powered software solutions, and after edging past it's oppenent in the 3rd round, it must face one more if it is going to advance. For it's part, DentBird Crown has had little problem dispatching the competition, whether it's a CAD/CAM or a home care solution. Now it is the last software application alive in the bracket.

Who takes this final showdown between CAD/CAM mills and artificial intelligence software??

DentBird Crown

Lower Right Quadrant Final

Perfect Touch Micro Applicator Brushes Vs. Proxeo TWIST

Dental Creations Perfect Touch Micro Applicator Brushes

Available in a variety of sizes and colors, Perfect Touch Micro Applicator Brushes are used for placing etchants, sealants, and bonding agents. These brushes are bendable in any direction to allow precise application in hard-to-reach areas. The fibers hold solutions, so there is no spilling, dripping, or waste. Disposable and intended for single use, the brushes have a lint-free brush tip, are nonabsorbent, and give optimal access to difficult areas. Perfect Touch Micro Applicator Brushes come in tubes containing 100 brushes and are offered in purple (fine), yellow (regular), green (regular), and blue (large).

W&H Proxeo Twist

The Proxeo TWIST and Proxeo TWIST Cordless systems offer greater freedom of movement during prophylaxis or periodontitis treatment. Both units have unique Prophy Angle cups designed for an optimum polishing experience. The new Proxeo TWIST Rotary Polishing System is a compact, easy-to-handle solution for cleaning, polishing, or fluoridating. The line of air-driven handpieces offers a lightweight solution for dental units. With its easy swiveling between motor and attachment, it adapts to the position needed in the oral cavity. The unit can be disinfected and sterilized.

The final matchup in the Lower Right Quadrant might be the most surprising of the entire tournament. Dental Creations' Perfect Touch Micro Applicator Brushes have been a strong performer from the start, but the same is true for the other side of this matchup, W&H's Proxeo TWIST prophy handpieces.

For the brushes it's been a romp past products from some of the largest brands in the industry, and in the 3rd round they just squeaked past Dentsply Sirona's Primeprint. For the handpiece the story has been a bit different, but no less unlikely. The matches have rarely been close, and the vote totals for the Proxeo have been sizable. This matchup could go either way.

What moves on the printer or the brushes?

Perfect Touch Micro Applicator Brushes
Proxeo TWIST
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