Dental Instrument Cleaner from Miele Professional Offers Efficiency and Power

This new dental instrument cleaning solution from Miele offers a strong disinfecting process for equipment while efficiently ensuring best infection control practices.

Miele has announced a new dental instrument cleaning solution called the PG 8581 Washer-Disinfector. It is designed for cleaning and disinfecting using a variety of features and programs for optimized infection control, according to a press release from the company.

The PG 8581 offers solutions for dental clinicians in need of an instrument cleaning system and does so through its state-of-the-art disinfecting features. One such feature is a variable-speed heater pump, which adjusts the pump speed and wash pressure to facilitate the removal of soiling. Low pressure can also be used to soak all wash items. The built-in heater allows for efficiency in its elimination of and external heating source.

Miele’s new cleaning solution also utilizes its Vario TD program, wherein soiling agents are removed in a low temperature pre-wash phase that is non-denaturing. Disinfection is then carried out in a cleaning phase using 199 degree Fahrenheit temperatures at 5 minutes. The PG 8581 also uses Miele’s ProCare Dent Process Chemicals to neutralize and deactivate germs without damaging equipment.

There is a spray arm monitor to optimize cleaning while simultaneously protecting from harsh water, and a wash capacity of up to 24 regular-sized cassettes per cycle. These features are said to ensure both a safe and efficient clean for the dental instruments. Miele also offers a warranty and extended coverage throughout the lifespan of the machine.

The PG 8581 is available now.