On-Demand Webinar: 7 steps to improve your modern marketing skills

dentalproductsreport.com-2014-11-01, Issue 11

Your dental practice needs a website. Dr. Rich Hirschinger says this is one non-negotiable in modern day marketing. But what do you need to know beyond that fact?

Dr. Hirschinger wants to help you boost your modern-day marketing skills with this free, on-demand webinar, sponsored by Officite.

In the webinar, Dr. Hirschinger provides a road map to modern marketing practices that drive dental practice growth in seven easy steps.

Throughout the presentation, we will:

  • Revisit the marketing strategies you should already have in place.
  • Examine developing trends and statistics that will affect the way you attract new patients.
  • Provide a checklist for marketing success moving into 2015 and beyond.