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Cosmetic Dentistry: The Same Day Smile Makeover, Part 3

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2012-09-01
Issue 9

This final installment in Dr. Havery Silverman's Same Day Smile Makeover Series introduces the EasySmile Preview System and explains how less cosmetic dentistry can be the best cosmetic dentistry.

This final installment in Dr. Havery Silverman's Same Day Smile Makeover Series introduces the EasySmile Preview System and explains how less cosmetic dentistry can be the best cosmetic dentistry.

In the first installment of this series, The Same Day Smile Makeover, I described an optional treatment to conventional porcelain laminate veneers when doing elective cosmetic dentistry. 

In the second installment, I provided tips on how to select the right candidate for this system. 

In this installment, I would like to share how doing less cosmetic dentistry can actually be the best cosmetic dentistry. Surprised by that statement? Read on and I believe you will agree that in today’s economy the optimum in cosmetic dentistry may be the least cosmetic dentistry that provides your patients with a self-confident, memorable smile.

During the early 1980s when I was asked to help refine and develop one of the original porcelain veneer systems I found that doing four to eight veneers for the maxillary arch was relatively standard. However, patients often came to the office wanting to fix the size, shape or appearance of just one tooth. Unfortunately it was almost impossible to restore that tooth with an individual porcelain veneer since it was very difficult to match the veneer to the adjacent teeth. Thus making it so I had to place veneers on the adjacent teeth for symmetry and esthetics.

I always thought there could be a better way to treat these patients. 

Over the next 25 years I limited my practice to esthetic dentistry in the hopes of developing a non-invasive technology to solve this problem. All too often I heard my patients say, “My teeth are healthy.” “I just don’t like the gap. Why do I need to file my tooth down just so it can look nicer?” I understood their concerns.

As a result, I finally came upon a process called the EasySmile® System. What I like about EasySmile® is that in almost all cases we can restore a single tooth and match the adjacent teeth in one visit at an affordable fee without requiring tooth preparation, tints or opaquers. Additionally, it simultaneously creates a perfect emergence profile and requires minimal finishing and polishing.

How the EasySmile® System works

When a patient comes to my office I have him or her fill out our Smile Enhancement Form. After reviewing what the patient would like to improve (with a caveat that the patient has good periodontal and oral health) I check for evidence of bruxism. Next, I check for lateral and protrusive interferences and finally I ask the patient to show me which tooth or teeth he or she would like to change.

I then use the EasySmile® Smile Preview System to determine if my skill set matches the patients expectations. This Smile Preview System uses advanced, simplified technology to produce an actual veneer. If the veneer does not create the desirable transformation, I would prefer to know that before taking on a case. Wouldn’t you? 

The Smile Preview System is not computer imaging. It actually creates the real EasySmile® LifeLike Veneer chairside in minutes. As I became more experienced doing Smile Previews I found that I was could create the actual LifeLike Veneer™ in about 60 seconds. How amazing and enjoyable that was for me, as well as for my patients! I felt like David Copperfield and my patients were amazed by the painless smile transformation that was demonstrated to them in just minutes.

Don’t misunderstand my point. I have nothing against the use of computer imaging.  However, would you prefer to create a real veneer with almost no down time and see the impact it will have on the patient’s smile or would you rather use computer imaging to anticipate what you hope might be the final outcome? The answer to that question was a no brainer for me. 

As a practicing clinical dentist I look for simple solutions for complex problems when it is appropriate and indicated. That is the value of theEasySmile® Smile Preview System.  Now patients can determine if doing a single veneer solves the problem. More often than not I find that I only need to do one to two veneers. As a result, more patients say yes to treatment than ever before.

For those patients who do not like the color of their adjacent teeth, I found that I could often solve their problem without having to place annoying isolation materials or use light. The EasySmile® System offers in-office tooth whitening to whiten teeth without the need for barrier isolation. Depending on the stain it whitens teeth from two to 10 shades without sensitivity. However, I still use conventional light activated in-office tooth whitening for difficult stains. 

Placing an EasySmile® LifeLike Veneer requires about ten minutes of chair time.  More challenging cases takes about 20 minutes. The entire procedure is stress free as a result of the Smile Preview. The final results are incredibly durable, natural looking veneers that often surpass what I am able to achieve with porcelain veneers.

The attached before and after photos demonstrate how a patient who had orthodontia as a teenager was treated with two EasySmile LifeLike Veneers™ and in-office tooth whitening. The entire process was completed in one visit and the patient was thrilled with the end results. 

However, here is the interesting lesson to be learned. When the patient came into the office for an evaluation, my initial reaction was that there would be no way that I could create a pleasing smile for her with EasySmile LifeLike Veneers™. I suggested that she visit her orthodontist. She informed me that she was not interested in going having ortho treatment again and that she wanted to explore other options.

After doing the Smile Preview I found that the patient rated the transformation a 10 out of 10. I honestly thought that could never be accomplished with this system.  However, to my surprise, it was achievable.

The take away

Don’t place limitations and stretch your imagination. Instead, do the Smile Preview and see if you have the skill set to solve your patient’s problem. The EasySmile® System is so universally applicable it may solve even challenging problems.


The EasySmile® Smile Preview System allows us to essentially guarantee results for patients before they commit to having any work done. That was a tremendous advantage to me. I was able to guarantee results because the EasySmile® System creates the actual veneer before committing to any work. It takes the guesswork out of the entire smile makeover process for both the patient and the dentist.

If you would like to be trained in the EasySmile® System you must take a course. It is relatively easy to master, but like Invisalign™, you need to be educated about the technique. It is not a product that you can simply purchase from your dental supply company. Regional seminars and on-site consultations can be arranged, both nationally and internationally. The system includes a No Selling Marketing and Management system that creates instant patient demand within one week of becoming certified. To become a provider contact incrediblesmiles@aol.com and you will receive information on how you can transform your cosmetic practice with this revolutionary, exciting new smile enhancement technology.

I believe that we have all seen how the concept of optimum cosmetic dentistry has evolved over time.  Advances in technology have made this possible. The need to always remove healthy tooth structure just to enhance a patient’s dental appearance may no longer be necessary.  I have certainly come to embrace that philosophy and so have my patients. Maybe you should too.

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