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Corporate Profile: TCS Inc.

Digital EstheticsDental Lab Products-2011-08-01
Issue 8

Tell us about the foundation of TCS, Inc.

Tell us about the foundation of TCS, Inc.

It all began when Jorge Posca, Sr. graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in Dental Mechanics of Dentistry in 1946. He began his career in the Dental Industry as an inventor and Dental Technician. After World War II the first product used to fabricate removable flexible partials appeared on the market, this product was from Germany, however, the product was unsuccessful, as it lost its flexibility and color after a few months of use. In 1958, after years of experimentation in search of better materials to create flexible partials, and without success, Jorge Posca decides to immigrate to the US to continue his career in the dental industry. Meanwhile, in the early 1950’s two materials, Valplast and Flexite, were successfully launched in United States. Jorge Posca continued his research; he developed dental laboratory equipment and ran a successful laboratory in California. In 2000, with the help of his children, Marilin Posca and Alex Posca and after decades of research and development, TCS, Inc. was finally founded.

Why are Flexible Partials in Demand?

Given today’s global economic situation, patients are looking for viable alternatives to high-cost restorations. Flexible partials are the ideal answer; they offer the patient comfort and functionality without compromising aesthetics. Normally we think of the elderly wearing removable dentures, however, I know so many young patients that wear a tcs® Unbreakable, since they are undetectable in the  mouth they feel completely comfortable. Furthermore, more and more patients do not want metal in their bodies.

From a laboratories perspective, flexible partials are also an economical solution, much less labor and material cost goes into fabricating a removable flexible partial than a conventional metal and acrylic.

What makes tcs® Unbreakable stand out from its competitors?

With so many flexible partial materials emerging in the industry, it is difficult to know which product to choose. TCS® Unbreakable sets itself apart from the rest because it can be fabricated very thin without losing its durability. Many of the flexible materials available today break under normal usage and change color within the first 6 months. tcs® Unbreakable offers 4 beautifully translucent shades that blend naturally with the patient’s dentition and it has the ideal flexibility needed for optimal performance. The acceptance of TCS Unbreakable from the Laboratory, Dentist and Patients has been overwhelming.

Labortories that use tcs® Unbreakable and/or some of our other products know that they can rely on us. We take great pride in offering outstanding customer service, our high quality products combined with our customer service and technical support has made us one of the leading manufacturers for flexible partial material.

As the summer closes, what are you most excited about heading into the last part of the year?

We are proud to announce that Keystone Industries has partnered with us to represent TCS throughout many countries across Europe. We believe that Keystones strong international sales force and excellent reputation, combined with our high-quality products and dedication will continue to increase the world-wide recognition of tcs® Unbreakable.

We are also excited to launch our “Network of TCS Laboratories”, on a daily basis we receive several requests from Dentists wanting to know of a laboratory that offers high quality tcs® Unbreakable partials, through this network, we will be able to connect Doctors to Laboratories that process TCS® Unbreakable. There will be a lot of perks for the laboratories, such as monthly raffles, extended warranty on equipment, free training, promotions and discounts. Our aim is to support the laboratories and help them grow there removable department.

What else can we expect to see at TCS?

In our continued effort to market tcs® Unbreakable to Doctors, we are under development of useful items to use chairside. The first product launched in the tcs® Fresh Line is our tcs® Moist Towelettes for Face and Hands. These handy, individually wrapped towelettes are designed to give to the patient after any sort of treatment to refresh. We introduced them at the CDA in Anaheim this year and they were a hit. We are offering them to laboratories at no charge (for a limited time) to give to their Doctors. There are several other tcs® Fresh products under development.

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