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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2010-11-01, Issue 11




Customizable personal settings let users change banner appearance and behavior, so each computer can have its own unique personalized settings.

Patented audio-identity function sets a unique tone identifier for each user.

Automated Web Forms promote the paperless practice, saving valuable time and money. Patients can fill-in information online and submit it. The “Immediate recognition” system notifies staff when a new patient form is submitted. At the first visit, patients can digitally sign the forms using the V.Com Clipboard software.

V.Com intra-office communication system is quick, efficient and easy-to-install on your own. It works seamlessly with the current computer system and network, with no new equipment, hard wiring, construction costs or business interruption. Three levels are available, including the basic free level.

Multiple messages can be sent to multiple recipients…simultaneously. The V.Com communication banner does not interfere with programs running on the desktop.

AFTER you buy, be sure to have

  • Ceiling-mounted monitor: Ergodontic LLC’s Pendulum Mount

  • Durable portable computer: Careworx’s GammaTech MT10