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The best cosmetic dentistry: A new paradigm shift

Issue 1

For many years I have been asking my patients to complete the following statement:  The best cosmetic dentistry is ____?  You can imagine some of the responses I have heard.  Some have been quite amusing. 

For many years I have been asking my patients to complete the following statement:  The best cosmetic dentistry is ____?  You can imagine some of the responses I have heard.  Some have been quite amusing. 

As a professional, take a stab at answering that question yourself.  Stop reading for a second and simply say out loud your answer to the question. 

So doc, how did you answer that question?  Did you come up with a clinical response such as porcelain veneers?  Or did you go in the diagnostic direction, something based upon your patients’ needs?

If it was based upon what your patients’ needs, please read the last three articles I wrote on cosmetic dentistry for DPR.  Interestingly enough, cosmetic dentistry is NOT based upon patient needs (unless it is a functional, reconstructive case).  Cosmetic dentistry (in the elective sense) is based upon what your patient wants.  That’s quite refreshing and it is the only service that dentists provide that is want based, not need based.

If your response was citing your favorite porcelain veneer system, think again.  Sure, well-designed porcelain veneers can create beautiful restorations.  But it isn’t necessarily the best cosmetic dentistry for all patients. 

Before and after

Cosmetic dentistry done by Dr. Harvey Silverman, DMD

Here’s how I answer that question.  “I personally believe that the best cosmetic dentistry is the LEAST cosmetic dentistry that allows my patients to have a bright, self-confident smile.” 

Then I look at my patient and ask, “Are you surprised to hear that?”  Nearly every patient is because they thought I would suggest doing many veneers.  Some patients may have heard of extreme dental makeovers or consulted with another dentist and thought they needed six to eight or even10 veneers.  Indeed, in some cases, that might be the best solution for solving their problem.  But more often than not, it isn’t necessarily the best way to go.  Not in today’s economy.

When I consult with my patients I suggest the simplest, most affordable, natural looking approach.  I like to treat patients as if I am having the work done on myself.  That’s the same approach I use when I consult in dental offices.  Regardless of whether I am consulting with a patient or a dentist, I work hard to make it easy for that individual to understand the benefit while eliminating concerns.  I recommend you do the same when your team consults with patients about cosmetic dentistry.

The following clinical case demonstrates how you can benefit from this approach, where the best cosmetic dentistry also is the least cosmetic dentistry.

Case Study

This patient came in to my office describing how she had been teased as a child because of the appearance of her teeth.  While she is now an adult, she still felt the emotional scars from being called “caramel teeth” from her childhood. 

Before and after

Before: Yellow, uneven, and flared teeth

After: Like-like veneers and whitening

The first thing I did was a Smile Preview (The Silverman Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry developed a 60-second technique that demonstrates the exact transformation your patient can expect while allowing the doctor to determine if the patient is a candidate for cosmetic dentistry).  After seeing the dramatic change, the patient had tears roll down the side of her face.  Here, in only 60 seconds, she was able to actually experience how veneers could transform her smile so she could have the smile she always dreamed about.  And best of all I used the LEAST cosmetic dentistry to make the biggest impact on her smile.

In this patient’s case I simply placed four LifeLike Veneers™ in combination with in-office whitening and voila, like David Copperfield, we magically transformed her smile-and her self-esteem-in one stress-free visit. 

When you want to provide your patients with the best cosmetic dentistry, remember to first think of the least cosmetic dentistry necessary to create a bright, self-confident smile.  Whenever possible, think of combining in-office whitening with veneers.  The results can be dramatic. 

Transforming your general dental office into a cosmetic restorative practice is actually a seamless process if your patient qualifies for the Silverman Institute’s STAR program (which uses the philosophy that the Best Cosmetic Dentistry is The Least Cosmetic Dentistry).  It also allows your patients to become excited about having these services done ASAP.  Once you initiate this program you will be charged up about going to the office everyday!

If you are tired of hearing patients say, “Hmmm.  That’s $12,000 to do porcelain veneers.  Let me think about that,” then consider an approach that helps make cosmetic dentistry affordable.  Personally speaking I would rather spend $1,800 for 2-3 premium in-office veneers combined with whitening. When you eliminate cost as an objection your patient acceptance of cosmetic treatment proposals will soar.  If you agree, then offer the LEAST cosmetic dentistry that provides your patients with the BEST solution they can afford. 

Remember, the Silverman Institute’s approach is to never sell cosmetic dentistry to patients in your practice.  However you do want them to know there are simple solutions available that solve their cosmetic dental needs.

Do you want to provide your patients with the best cosmetic dentistry?  If you do here’s one more suggestion.  Surround yourself with a team that sincerely believes in your cosmetic dentistry abilities.  Fortunately that is relatively easy to do. 

Simply have each team member fill out a smile analysis form this week.  Download the one on my website (www.DrHarveySilverman.com) and pass it out to your team.  Next, perform the least amount of cosmetic dentistry that enhances their smile.  Eight out of 10 team members typically have at least one tooth they would like to change the size, shape or color.  That parallels how your patients feel.  Once your team has experienced your cosmetic skills they will be excited to inform, power educate and motivate patients about your cosmetic dentistry services.  Your teams’ sincerity through their personal experience is their strongest motivational tool.

Please feel free to contact me (incrediblesmiles@aol.com) if I can help you jump-start your cosmetic practice or distinguish/differentiate/transform your office into a premier cosmetic practice in your community.  As always, feel free to send me any questions you have.  I will do my best to get back to you ASAP and might even answer your question in an upcoming issue in DPR. 

The Silverman Institute’s Cosmetic Dentistry Transformation Program will bring more joy to you, your patients and your team.  Remember you do NOT have to spend a minor fortune to transform your practice.  Immerse yourself wholeheartedly in whatever program you chose to work with-but invest wisely.  When it comes to coaching or consulting, the least investment (financially) often can be your best investment.  Sounds like a familiar theme to me.

Cheers! I wish you all the best.  Now get out there, do the best cosmetic dentistry and change some patients’ lives.

Dr. Harvey Silverman has been inventing simplified cosmetic dentistry systems and coaching dentists/team members on how to expand their cosmetic dentistry practice since 1984. Dr. Silverman was involved in developing the original porcelain veneer system in 1983, pioneering Extreme MakeOvers in 1987, opening the country’s first dental spa in 1988, patenting one of the first OTC tooth whiteners in 1989 and developing numerous tooth whiteners and same day veneer technologies since 1990. If you want to do more cosmetic dentistry or want more information about the Silverman Institute Of Cosmetic Dentistry’s 14 Day Cosmetic Transformation Program or on the Institute’s Program on How To Double Your Cosmetic Dentistry Practice, please contact Dr. Silverman at 216-256-4599 or e-mail incrediblesmiles@aol.com.   

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