Benco Dental Releases New Smaller Operatory Planning White Paper

Benco Dental released a new white paper detailing how smaller operatory spaces can lead to a greater return on investment and increased income.

Benco Dental has announced its release of a new white paper titled “Smaller is Smarter: A Comprehensive Business and Clinical Case for Rethinking Dental Operatory Design.” In this white paper, Benco urges dental professionals to reconsider the standard operatory size to increase income, save costs, and to reduce physical stress, according to Benco’s Director of Design Melissa Sprau.

"For new construction, smaller operatories are a no brainer," Sprau said in a press release from the company. "Smart design means you won't miss the slight reduction in square footage per operatory, but you'll yield 6 ops for about the same investment as 5...and the added income that goes with it."

Smart design is meant to address the challenges made more evident by the COVID-19 pandemic, including staffing needs, scheduling, infection control issues, and patient satisfaction. According to Benco, practices can boost income by 17 percent without needing to increase operatory footprints, as 6 smaller operatories are said to cost the same as 5 conventional rooms.

This white paper was formulated by thought leaders on the subject of operatory design, strengthened by Benco Dental’s Practice Design team. It is available online now at the Benco Dental U online learning center.