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Therapy in 3 Minutes - Making the Space for Case Presentation


In just 180 seconds, dental practice coach Mike Massotto offers advice and tips to help your practice enhance its operations. In this episode, Mike discusses best practices when presenting cases to your patients.

Video transcription:

Look, this is one that is time eternal. I've been speaking about this topic, about creating a good space to do sales—and that's basically what it is let's call it what it is to sell people the treatment, right—since I started this thing over 26 years ago.

You need to have a space to do this, it's got to be a private space, it's got to be a space you can bring a patient in when they can shift hats from patient to buyer and sit down comfortably and focus on becoming engaged to make an informed decision about their health care. It's very hard to do this from a vulnerable position when you're standing over them in a chair. And yet we do this all the time. Now, look, there are times you can do this: existing patients sitting in hygiene, you're recommending a crown, fine, there doesn't need to be a big production, right? But when you're starting to present cases, and especially larger cases, especially to newer patients, you need a private place to go. Especially if it's elective work, and you want to show them things, it's got to be in a room. If you can create a room in your practice to do this, right?

If you don't have a room, you have an office, give up your office, or at least set up your office so it's not full of personal things. You can do it to be dual purpose, because a lot of times the door shuts, we don't want anybody in the doctor's offices, we don’t want anybody to see it, right? But you want to keep that. That's a wasted space, the doctor shouldn't--I just had this conversation with a doctor the other day-- you shouldn't have all this time to be sitting in your office all day long, hanging out, right? You should be so busy, you're barely in there. So that should be set up in a way, all right, that you can bring people in dual purpose. You have a computer, you have your software, you have everything, people that can sit down and put up your pictures, whatever, to show them, okay? And your treatment coordinator is the person going to do this, right? And so, they need a place to go.

It's very hard to do that at the front desk: talking case presentation and big money and big cases out in the open at a front desk when they're standing across a desk or through a window like we talked about. Having this environment can increase case presentation 10% to 20%, when you have an environment set up this particular way, and there's more to it than that, and maybe we will do an episode in the future once they get in there, right? But you have to have the space to sell in, in the first place. I'm not a big fan of doing this treatment presentation and doing the stuff over a patient in a chair or in your treatment rooms, right? Because again, it's not giving the person the opportunity to get out of there and again, shift their mentality from patient and now they're a buyer making an informed decision about their health care. And that's the kind of patient we want. Because you know what, if you don't close them there, right, they go home, then it's like tracking them down later.

You never do these presentations anyway until they're ready to hear it anyway. So, you want to make sure before you bring them in a room, [that] they're ready to listen to money and make an informed decision about their health care. And no one else has to be involved, etc. So, like I said, these rooms setups and having the availability to do that by creating that space in your office, it doesn't take much to set these up to have those. But when you do, it's a huge boon to your practice for sure.

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