The Benchmark: Year in review

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2010-12-01, Issue 12

Top Innovative Product OraVerse, Novalar Pharmaceuticals

Top Innovative Product

OraVerse, Novalar Pharmaceuticals

The first of its kind, OraVerse is an anesthetic reversal agent. It requires a second injection; however, the we found in evaluation were that patients loved the results. The reversal agent reduces the time a patient has to wait to return to normal eating and chewing habits, and in most cases, results were seen in less than an hour.

Top Innovative Equipment


This highspeed Electric Handpiece has the lightness of an air-driven handpiece, but the power of an electric. Consultants unanimously voted this to be the best innovation in handpieces for the year. 100% of evaluators would recommend this handpiece to a colleague due to the no-stall feature, which consultants found extremely useful.

Top WOW Product

Surefil SDR flow, Dentsply Caulk

This flowable composite isn’t your typical flowable. Surefil SDR flow is designed for bulk filling in posterior Class I and II restorations. The material comes in compules and has a self-leveling feature, which consultants found to be excellent. Not only does the material flow well, it adapts well to cavity walls and preparations.

Top WOW Equipment

Spectra, Air Techniques

This new innovation in caries detection offers a “Doppler radar” type screen to detect caries, using contrasting colors in the software. Consultants appreciated the ability to show patients the areas of concern, and found the camera easy to use. The camera requires no calibration and is easy to integrate into daily routine.

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