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In March 2013, Straumann® launched Straumann® CARES® System 8.0 into the market.  Many features have been created and enhanced on the software since version 7.0 to make the system more efficient and user friendly.

In March 2013, Straumann® launched Straumann® CARES® System 8.0 into the market.  Many features have been created and enhanced on the software since version 7.0 to make the system more efficient and user friendly.

This improved version introduces users to new materials and applications on prosthetic solutions while allowing them to benefit from new and more efficient solutions. All these features work alongside the best parts of previous software versions like the original-on-original connection to Straumann implants.

In light of this exciting product, the DLP editorial team spoke to a pair of people who played key roles in developing Straumann® CARES® 8.0.

Optimal functionality
Straumann’s North America Laboratory Business Vice President Steve Sheehan said the basis of this project lies in the continuation of the Dental Wings software capability to allow for greater functionality.

“We are expecting that 8.0 will provide customers a more competitive product offering, as well as easier and faster access to our centralized milling capability,” he said.

This is achieved by first providing simple workflows, which allow the dental lab to work faster toward high quality and precise restorations. Then, the additions of three new solutions, CARES X-Stream™, CARES Variobase™, and zerion® HT zirconia for monolithic, full contour restorations took lab profitability and efficiency one step further.

“CARES X-Stream™ allows the dental lab to design a complete implant restoration from one scan, in one design step and get it delivered in one shipment,” said Hans Strobel,

Straumann’s Global Head of Product Management Systems and Services, BU Prosthetics. “This integration cuts two processes in one with all efforts on technician and administrative work divided by two.”

Another example of that increased efficacy is the zerion HT material, or full contour zirconia, which allows dental technicians to make monolithic restorations without layering porcelain.

“This makes the lives of dental technicians simpler and allows them to focus on activities which add value to their business,” Strobel said.

Design flexibility
CARES 8.0 offers greater flexibility of design with these new features than in previous versions as well.

“It allows users to create the entire Straumann customized product portfolio in one software platform, whereas previously our customers worked in two different platforms (6.2 and 7.0),” Sheehan said.

The motivation behind CARES 8.0 came from Straumann’s commitment to advancing digital technology as well as a response to the changing product needs of their customers. They wanted software that increased usability by remaining simple enough for technicians to use without being technology masterminds.

“The work processes for dental technicians change radically with digital technologies,” Strobel said. “However, there are many companies who promise fantastic digital workflows, which in practice require interface configuration and adaptations. Many dental technicians are not network or computer experts and they don’t need to be.”

To use CARES 8.0, users need an understanding of dentistry and a quality CAD/CAM system that will enable them to use their dental knowledge. Armed with those tools technicians can deliver reliable prosthetic products using the software.

Support when needed
So far, Straumann customers have been able to understand the new software version as well as its improved features. But for the features that are more complicated, Straumann offers its customers training and education tools to allow them to use the program to its fullest extent.

“Since the new software is very powerful, it is also more complex,” Strobel said. “Here we see that many customers take advantage of the outstanding Straumann support structure for application or technical support but also our training and education programs.”

Since the new version was released it has received very positive feedback in regard to its functionality as well as its potential and possibilities.

“While it takes some time to be fully trained on the new functionality, we expect our customers will be extremely pleased with the advances we have made with the software, and our new products and design functionality,” Sheehan said.

Plentiful Benefits
The new program version doesn’t just benefit users however; it benefits their patients equally.  Though it offers time and cost saving features, the biggest benefit to patients is an excellent fit thanks to the program’s pre-set parameters and algorithms. Whether it’s a full single-tooth prosthetic restoration, 3-unit bridge, crown, or screw-retained bridge and bar, this product guarantees a high quality and comfortable fit.

Overall, Straumann CARES 8.0 offers customers and technicians a user-friendly interface that is advantageous to both the user as well as the patient.

Labs benefit from higher efficiency and efficacy while serving their patients better than ever before. Both Strobel and Sheehan are proud to have provided customers with a product that helps them succeed and grow through the advanced technologies they’ve come to expect from a company like Straumann.


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