BEGO USA's Nautilus CC plus automatic casting unit gives technicians more control

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Digital Esthetics, Dental Lab Products-2012-09-01, Issue 9

The Nautilus CC plus automatic casting unit features new options.

The Nautilus® CC plus automatic casting unit is designed with new options such as adjustable melting hold times and optional longer pressure settings after casting. These features give the technician greater control in casting larger implant bars and full arch crown and bridge frames. The new design features a large color touch screen for easy operation, an energy saving “Eco” mode and integrated cooling system making this automatic casting unit the intelligent environmentally friendly choice. The induction heating guarantees a shorter melting cycle and minimizes oxidation, which facilitates finishing time. You can reach your C&B goal of consistent castings by learning more about the vacuum/pressure, split crucible technology of the Nautilus® CC plus induction casting machine.   



  • Automatic casting for consistent results with every casting

  • High performance induction melting guarantees shorter melting cycles, minimizes oxidation and reduces finishing time

  • Large color touch display for easy operation

  • Integrated cooling saves water and “Eco” mode reduces operating costs

  • BEGO USA service technician trains technicians at the laboratory on use, programing and maintenance