Applying the Resurge Ultrasonic Cleaner in your practice

The ultrasonic cleaners reportedly offer superior cleaning and ease of use.

Dentsply Sirona announced the launch of the new Resurge® Ultrasonic Cleaner family, designed to provide dental practices the optimum capacity and flexibility in cleaning dental instruments.

The cleaners are available in 0.8 gallon and 2.0 gallon and are said to meet the needs of offices seeking either high or low capacity cleaning requirements.

Superior cleaning:

Combined with the Resurge® Instrument Cleaning Solution, these new ultrasonic cleaners reportedly offer superior cleaning and ease of use. Both unites feature a low-profile design, making it easy to insert and remove instruments. A touch screen is engineered to make set up and operation simple for users.  

Flexible design:

The ultrasonic cleaners are said to be flexible when it comes to loading instruments. The units are designed with a universal rack the accepts the industry leaders’ cassettes, as well as a stainless steel basket for loading bundled or loose instruments. A low-profile tray is also available for spreading out the instruments along with a beaker holder system.


The cleaners are designed to be lightweight with easy-to-use handles. The low profile design with lid holder is engineered to make it easy for users to see into the machine and remove instruments. In addition, the touch screen features a countdown timer for easy control.