Applying New Technologies: Roland DGA Corp. DWX-30

March 21, 2012
Information provided by Roland DGA Corp.

Richard Palmer

Digital Esthetics, Dental Lab Products-2010-11-01, Issue 11

November 2010 | Dental Lab Products

November 2010 | Dental Lab Products

Designed specifically for the dental market, the open-platform DWX-30 CNC milling machine features three types of clamps, one for discs and two for blocks, making it easy to securely hold a wide variety of material sizes and thicknesses. Materials can be cut on the top, bottom and at ±20 degrees for complex geometry. Aided by a maximum machine speed of 3600 mm/min and a maximum spindle speed of 30,000 rpm, it cuts material quickly with precision, helping to reduce errors, saving time and money. It also has a virtual panel that makes it easy to create copings, crowns and bridges. Other features include an integrated dust collection system and a tool sensor that automates machine and tool setup, saving valuable time and eliminating errors.