Applying New Technologies: Primotec USA phaser as2

March 21, 2012
compiled from information provided by primotec USA

Digital Esthetics, Dental Lab Products-2010-11-01, Issue 11

November 2010 | Dental Lab Products

November 2010 | Dental Lab Products

Engineered to make dental welding easier, faster, efficient and more user-friendly, the third-generation phaser as2 micro pulse arc welding unit features improved micro-electronic pulse shapes, individually defined for the specific alloys, to eliminate potential welding spot cracks. Special pulse shapes in combination with high-frequency overlapping further facilitate welding of palladium and titanium alloys. With 40 preset programs for a range of welding procedures, the user simply selects the alloy type and the energy level with the turn and push controller and starts welding safely and reliably. Power and pulse duration are freely adjustable for precise control of the welding spot diameter and penetration depth.

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