Applying the Brasseler USA XP-3D Shaper in your practice

The instrument is designed to address the shortcomings of traditional NiTi instrumentation.

Brasseler USA recently unveiled the XP-3D ShaperTM. The endodontic debridement instrument reportedly addresses the shortcomings of traditional NiTi instrumentation and ushers in a new biological standard of care in endodontic practice.

The XP-3D shapers are packaged in convenient single-use sets of three files for simplified handling and a sterile application for every case. They are engineered to be used with any endodontic handpiece.

Safe: The XP-3D Shaper is said to feature a small flexible core that is extremely resistant to cyclic fatigue. The unique serpentine design reportedly allows the instrument to gently abrade the inner walls of the root canal without the stress often associated with conventional NiTi files.

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Simple: The XP-3D Shaper was designed with Brasseler USA’s exclusive MaxWire® Technology, which reportedly allows the instrument to expand and become more robust when exposed to body temperature. Once an adequate glide path is established, the shaper is engineered to be able to clean the entire canal without the need for multiple files.

Anatomical: The shaper is said to feature a unique, free-floating adaptive core that allows the smaller central core of the instrument to move freely and adapt to the canal’s natural anatomy. This dynamic movement reportedly creates enhanced turbulence for improved irrigation.