Adhese Universal Vivapen offers a unique delivery system for Ivoclar Vivadent's new light cured universal adhesive [VIDEO]

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Adhese® Universal is a single-component, light cured universal adhesive for direct and indirect bonding procedures. 

Adhese® Universal is a single-component, light cured universal adhesive for direct and indirect bonding procedures. 

It’s compatible with all etching techniques: self-etch, selective enamel-etch and total-etch. The only universal adhesive available in the ergonomically designed VivaPen® delivery form, Adhese is delivered directly to the quickly and simply delivered to the preparation with very little waste.

Plus, Adhese Universal Vivapen reportedly delivers up to 190 single-tooth applications, drastically reducing the cost per application and contributing to more cost-effective treatments.

Q & A: Dr. George Tysowsky, Ivoclar Vivadent Vice President of Technology

DPR caught up with Ivoclar Vivadent’s Vice President of Technology Dr. George Tysowsky to learn about the new Adhese® Universal Vivapen®.

Q: What is the most frequent question you hear from clinicians about this category?

Prior to the introduction of universal adhesives there was two options: self-etch or total etch. There was lots of debate around which was better.

Q: In our Aug. 2013 material survey, 60% of respondents stated that they use 6 or more brands of materials in their practice. How important is it to provide a universal adhesive that can make dentists' choices easier?

Having one adhesive material, such as Adhese® Universal, that can be used for all bonding and etching techniques makes the bonding procedure less error prone.  Office productivity also tends to improve because the clinical team becomes very proficient in using the one and only adhesive material in the practice.  Furthermore, having only one bottle makes it much easier to manage inventory of dental supplies.

Q: What makes your new Adhese® Universal different from all the other “universal” adhesives that have recently entered the market?

Adhese Universal has the broad indications, high bond strength and virtually no post-operative sensitivity like some of the other “universal” adhesives on the market.  However, Adhese Universal will be the only universal adhesive available in the traditional bottle delivery form as well as the revolutionary VivaPen® delivery form.  It’s this unique delivery form that sets Adhese Universal apart from the other “universal” adhesives on the market.  The solvents used in dental adhesives are typically highly volatile.  That means every time the cap is removed from the bottle, there is some evaporation of the solvent.  Studies have shown that the bond strength of these materials decrease over time as the solvent evaporates from the bottle.  The VivaPen on the other hand delivers consistently high bond strength over time because it ‘locks in’ the material to ensure fresh material every time.

Most clinicians don’t realize how much adhesive is wasted in their practice because they seldom use the entire amount of adhesive dispensed in the well.  VivaPen enables the adhesive to be delivered directly intra-orally, resulting in virtually no waste.  Adhese Universal VivaPen delivers up to 190 single-tooth applications, which is significantly more than the traditional bottle.  Therefore, the cost per application is significantly less with the VivaPen.  

To learn more about Adhese Universal Vivapen, call 1-800-533-6825 or head to Ivoclar Vivadent's website at

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