Achieving comfort and protection with Com-Fit Plush Natural Fit Masks

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report June 2018, Volume 52, Issue 6

Why one practice prefers using these face masks over others on the market.

Face masks are so ubiquitous in the dental practice that it’s easy to take them for granted. But not all face masks are created equal. There are a lot of ways that face masks can be more hindrance than help. Some are uncomfortable and don’t fit right, while others are hard to breathe through.

Dentsply Sirona’s Com-Fit® Plush Natural Fit Masks addresses these problems, providing a line of protective equipment that’s comfortable, easy to use and effective.

Quality and performance

Stephanie Smith, RDH, and Sarah Klopf, RDH, are hygienists at Dr. Richard C. Trudo’s practice in Saginaw, Michigan. The practice won a year’s supply of the Com-Fit masks last summer, and they give the masks high marks.

The masks are somewhat thicker than the practice’s previous brand, providing an overall better sense of safety and protection.

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“Because they are thick, I feel like I can tell,” Smith says. “There really is no way of telling, unless I was infected, but just because it is a thicker mask, I feel safer with it. I feel safer than with some of those flimsier ones.”

Because the thickness is so different, it required a little bit of adjustment, but, ultimately, they appreciated the mask’s comfort.

“Overall, they are comfortable to wear,” Klopf says. “When we first used them, it took me a little while to get used to. They are a little bit thicker than masks that we’ve worn in the past, so that was just getting your breathing down to see that you’re not fogging up as much. But overall, they are comfortable.”

Design and specs

The Com-Fit masks offer several design features that provide a level of comfort and protection, including:

  • An elastic chin strap, providing a better fit for improved protection.

  • A hypoallergenic inner material that feels silky soft.

  • 98.8 percent particle filtration at 0.1 micron.

  • A patented curved noseband to ensure proper placement.

  • Soft ear loops for maximum comfort.

The masks are also available to provide protection at the three ASTM levels: Level 1 (low barrier), Level 2 (moderate barrier) and Level 3 (high barrier).

“We’ve got Levels 2 and 3 and we use them for each and every patient,” Klopf says. “The Level 2s I use more for the regular prophy patients versus the Level 3s, which is when I’m getting into more of the periodontal patients, just because there’s more aerosols and a lot more going on.”

For all of the mask’s attributes, Klopf says that it’s the overall design and fit that appeals most to her.

“With the Com-Fit masks that we have right now, I like the chin strap design, how it just buckles under your chin,” Klopf explains. “And it is really soft. It is one of the softer masks that I have used.”

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The Com-Fit line comes in a range of varieties for specialized needs, including:

  • Easy Breathe – Allows for easier breathing while maintaining a high level of protection;

  • Super Sensitive – Latex-free with no inks, dyes, perfumes or scratchy surfaces to irritate the skin;

  • Fluid Resistant – Contains a fluid-resistant outer layer;

  • Super High Filtration – Features a two-way DELNET film barrier that provides fluid resistance with excellent breathability.


For those practices considering using a new mask, Smith recommends Com-Fit Plush.

“I would just say to try them because it’s definitely changed the way that I wear masks,” she says. “I like them. I would rather have them over the flat ones that I been using in the past or in other offices. ... So, just try it out to see if it’s a good fit for you.”