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9 of the Coolest Things We Saw at CDA South and Lab Day West

Issue 5

During our annual pilgrimage to the California Dental Association spring session in Anaheim and Lab Day West in Garden Grove, Calif., some new products caught the eyes of our editorial team.

During our annual pilgrimage to the California Dental Association spring session in Anaheim and Lab Day West in Garden Grove, Calif., some new products caught the eyes of our editorial team.

Here’s a look at those products, and a few of the things we liked about them … and why we think they might make a good addition to your practice.

ImageMaster from Suni

This is a fully digital CMOS intraoral camera that sends data directly to your computer rather than to a digital converter as some other cameras do. We were impressed with the picture quality and also the “plug and play” ease with which it seems dental professionals will be able to use it.

We asked Suni’s Don Jackson to give us a tour of the new camera and here’s what he said:

Next page: A new core build-up material ...

Visalys® Core from Kettenbach LP

Visalys Core is the first core build-up material from Kettenbach. The fluoride-containing, dual-curing composite was developed for the fabrication of radiopaque core build-ups and core fillings and for cementing root posts.

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The product is said to represent the next generation of core build-up materials. This dual-curing core build-up material with unique Active-Connect-Technology (ACT) reportedly ensures a reliable bond with all common adhesives without an additional activator.

Learn more by clicking here to read the full release …

3M ESPE announces new compatibility

Friday at Lab Day West, 3M ESPE announced that its True Definition scanner is now more compatible with 3Shape, Dental Wings and exocad users, a major step forward for labs who have these popular CAD options and want to accept files from doctors who use True Defintion scanners. To facilitate this shift, 3M™ Margin Marking Software is now fully integrated with CAD/CAM design platforms 3Shape Dental System™exocad® DentalCAD and Dental Wings. The software (for exclusive use with the 3M True Definition Scanner) is available to subscribers of the 3M Standard Lab Package and includes access to the 3M™ Connection Center, the secure data management platform for all 3M Digital Impressions. Access to the 3M Connection Center allows labs to quickly and seamlessly receive digital impressions created on 3M True Definition Scanners. For more information on the 3M True Definition Scanner, visit http://www.3M.com/TrueDef

Dentrix G6 from Henry S?chein Practice Solutions

According to Henry Schein Practice Solutions, Dentrix G6 offers customers new features that enhance the user experience and enable practitioners to adopt paperless practices.

Must read: The top 3 features of Dentrix G6

To help practices further automate daily tasks, such as scheduling, charting, treatment planning, billing and reporting, Dentrix G6 features upgrades to its financial analytics and accounting and billing tools that will make it easier to manage patient information. In addition, Dentrix G6 offers enhanced functionality to the existing eDex service, which allows easier access to patient information by enabling business and personal contacts to be merged and accessible on a single platform. Dentrix G6 also features a new “click to chat” button in the Help menu so customers can receive real-time answers to their questions from the Dentrix support team.

Learn more by watching our exclusive video interview here …

Glidewell’sCloudPoint workflow

Glidewell unveiled CloudPoint back at Chicago’s Lab Day in February, but they were showing off the new scanning solution at both CDA South and at Lab Day West. The scanner itself features a clean, modern design, and the “cloud” portion of the name means the machine is constantly analyzing designs to choose the best and most efficient suggested design. It makes design as automated as possible and brings Glidewell’s experience to labs of every size.

Labs can also rely on Glidewell to mill their designed restorations if they want, or they can mill in-house. The scanner also becomes an open option with an additional subscription fee. For more information, visit glidewelldental.com.  

The scanner in action at CDA: 


The new CloudPoint scanner and workflow from Glidewell Laboratories.

A video posted by Dental Lab Products (@dentallabproducts) on

Apr 30, 2015 at 12:51pm PDT

Contra-Angle EVO.15 from Bien-Air

The new electric handpiece from Bien-Air reportedly offers high efficiency and the latest technology. With an emphasis on durability, the Contra-Angle EVO.15 is fitted with a specially designed rotor’s head that is said to demonstrate significantly longer service life than conventional models.

It also features Bien-Air’s CoolTouch+ heat-arresting technology, ensuring that any contact with the patient’s inner cheek does not result in burns.

Learn more about this handpiece in our exclusive video below …

Fluor Protector S from Ivoclar Vivadent

Ivoclar Vivadent’s Fluor Protector S is a fluoride-containing protective varnish for treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity, exposed cervicals, and sensitivity after tooth whitening.

Ivoclar Vivadent's recent product announcements

The innovative formulation is designed to ensure immediate availability of fluoride that is safe and suitable for all ages. It requires no mixing, stirring or measuring. The unique 1.5 percent ammonium fluoride formula is said to allow the varnish to be completely homogenous and maintain excellent flow and wetting properties. It reportedly even flows easily into hard-to-reach interproximal areas. 

Learn more by clicking here …



A photo posted by Dental Lab Products (@dentallabproducts) on

May 2, 2015 at 1:51pm PDT

       cubeX2 zirconia       

This one is cheating a little bit-we’ve run releases about this new material, had it in the print magazine and even saw it in person at both Lab Day Chicago and IDS 2015. But now, cubeX2 zirconia (manufactured by Dental Direkt and available in the U.S. from Dental Arts Laboratories) is completely FDA approved and available for all kinds of restorations.

We heard lots of buzz about how strong and esthetic it is-any material that combines high esthetics and the strength of zirconia in a package that can be dry milled is sure to generate a lot of conversation. It will be interested to see how this material (and other super translucent zirconia) will shape the lab market throughout 2015 and into next year.

Read all about it by clicking here ...

DEXcam 4 intraoral camera from DEXIS

This new camera from DEXIS is reportedly easy to use and includes a higher resolution sensor, dual capture buttons, one-touch focus, and a detachable cord … all contained within an aluminum housing. DEXcam 4 also integrates easily with DEXIS™ imaging software.

Learn more by clicking here …

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