7 spring fashion trends you should know about

Modern Hygienist, modernhygienist.com-2015-04-01, Issue 4

Good news! This year’s spring and summer fashion trends are something any woman can get excited about.

Good news! This year’s spring and summer fashion trends are something any woman can get excited about.

The underlying theme in the seven trends highlighted here is low maintenance style (fashion designers on the runways made the models look as if they’d styled their hair themselves) so it’s never been easier to try new trends. Plus, the patterns and cuts from the latest runway looks can be worn to flatter all body types. Check it out-the easiest fashion trends ever:

1. Bold florals

The great thing about this trend is that you probably already have it in your closet. Even better: you can pair it with mismatching patterns, such as plaid or stripes. Just tone it down a bit with the opposing pattern: A good idea is to keep the second pattern small and monotone, like this style blogger did (Corilynn & Co).

2. Gingham

The easiest and lightest summer material is back, baby! Gingham is everywhere-from 1960s-era matching top and short sets to loose-fitting button-ups à la your boyfriend’s closet. Pair it with a great leather jacket for a night out or with a pair of your favorite skinnies for weekend errands (Check it out at Glam Radar).

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3. Rompers

Rompers made a comeback for grown women around 2012, but they are all over the place now. From teeny little things that look like pajamas to the sexy take on a pantsuit, rompers are easy pieces to accessorize and wear. What’s better than a one-piece outfit (Check it out at Revolve)?

4. Undone hair

This one takes many forms right now: From the air-dried look to low and loose ponytails and braids, styling your hair as if you weren’t even looking in the mirror is the trend (and that’s not a bad thing!). This is a great thing for those of us who’ve been growing our hair out to keep up with the Kardashians’ luscious locks (don’t lie, you know you want Kim’s old hair). Even if you can’t get your strands to stay in a braid or look alive in a low pony, the point is this: Unplug your hair tools and go with what you’ve got (Check it out at Beauty High).

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5. Inky black eyes

This is my absolute favorite trend to play around with. Let’s say you’re not great at applying eyeliner (it can be very tricky!) but you still want to have inky black eyes. Start here: Apply the eyeliner to the top lash line only, focusing on the other edge and drawing the line out and up just a bit to create a small wing. This opens your eyes, making them look bigger (and your face a bit younger). The best part: There’s no smudging or running at the end of the day, as will often happen with a bottom lash application. Check out Sephora for these great application tutorials.

6. Soft polish

With crazy manicures everywhere on social media (looking at you, Pinterest), it’s refreshing to see such a simple style come into vogue. Forget about spending lots of time and effort creating a Nicki Minaj-inspired pattern because soft pinks and beiges were all over the runways for spring lines. Three cheers for easy, natural-looking nails (especially in a clinical setting!).

7. Red lips

Do red lips really ever go out of style? I think not. There are so many great shades available that every woman can find her perfect hue and rock a Marilyn pout (Monroe not Manson). No time for applying a flawless winged eyeliner? No problem! I love pairing a bare face with glamorous red lips for a quick, beautiful look. Just toss the lipstick in your purse and go (Check it out at Harper & Harley)!

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