5Ws* VeriSplint OS

Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products August 2021, Volume 43, Issue 4

This 3D printing resin from Whip Mix is fast to print, and other features include transparency, biocompatibility, and cost savings.

compiled by Stan Goff | information provided by Whip Mix Corp.

What: VeriSplint OS 3D printing resin

Who: Whip Mix Corp



Where: All dental labs looking to use a 3D printed resin that is rigid and durable for dental splints.

When: The additive manufacturing of splints provides a high level of efficiency by removing several lengthy steps and lowering the cost of materials.

Why: Though VeriSplint OS 3D printing resin is fast to print, it is formulated to produce an accurate, high-quality, economical splint. Customers can now 3D print on a full build platform with up to 4 splints in under 1 hour, at just $5 to $6 per splint. It also brings a greater degree of digital design flexibility into the process, which improves both the lab’s and the patient’s experience.

*The How

The VeriSplint OS 3D printing resin is a fully biocompatible material, with 510(k) approval. It has also been validated on Asiga 385nm DLP printers and the Otoflash curing unit. VeriSplint OS features include, transparency, biocompatibility, polishing capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and a 2-year shelf life.