5Ws* Flexcera Materials

Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products August 2021, Volume 43, Issue 4

These digital denture materials are durable while still affording high-quality esthetics.


Flexcera™ Base and Flexcera™ Smile resin for 3D-printed dentures.


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Any dental laboratory looking for a 3D printing resin that can offer ceramiclike strength in dentures.


Can be used in any same-day denture case in which there is a need for strength and esthetics. These materials are to be used exclusively with the EnvisionTEC 3D printer.


The Base and Smile materials were designed to offer strength while not compromising on esthetics for patients who require same-day digital dentures for everyday use. They are said to be 3 times as fracture resistant and twice as moisture resistant as other 3D printing resins used for denture fabrication. Base can be used for denture bases, and Smile has the variable translucency that artificial teeth require for the best esthetic outcome.

The How*

Using long-chain chemistry, the Flexcera workflow can produce Base and Smile materials to create same-day digital dentures. These materials retain denture properties without being weak and benefit from ceramic-like durability. They are formulated specifically for the EnvisionTEC 3D printer workflow and are said to not compromise on quality. A lab is said to be able to print 8 dentures within 2 hours employing this digital denture workflow.