5Ws* PrograPrint 3D Printer System

Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products February 2021, Volume 43, Issue 1

A 3D printer system that was designed by technicians for technicians to meet their needs.

Information provided by Ivoclar Vivadent.

What: PrograPrint™ 3D Printer System

Who: Ivoclar Vivadent
716-691-0010 | ivoclarvivadent.com

Where: Dental laboratories hoping to maximize production and take the guesswork out of the workflow.

When: The PrograPrint’s accuracy and reliability make it particularly adept when you need to print precision models, splints, surgical guides, wax inlays and onlays, and crowns and bridges for pressing or casting.

Why: From CAD to postcuring, this system consists of components engineered to work together to maximize production throughout the workflow. The PR5 printer is the cornerstone of the system, with a self-calibrating DLP light engine designed to ensure a high degree of precision. Its self-contained ProArt Print Wax, Splint, and Model cartridges allow for virtually contactless handling of the resin materials, which reportedly eliminates contamination and waste. The PR5 features built-in material recognition technology that automatically alerts users of the level of print material in the cartridge and even warns users if the wrong material has been inserted for the chosen application.

*How: The PR5 features a 125 x 78 mm build platform with no deformation of printed components at the edges. The 4-million-pixel resolution with 49-μm pixel size and 50- to 100-μm layer thickness make it suitable for a variety of applications. The build platform of finished printed parts loads into the PrograPrint Clean’s dual stainless steel stations and is submerged in cleaning solution, and a self-reversing magnetic spinner at the bottom of each tank keeps the solution in motion. The PrograPrint Cure features high-intensity light for fast curing and it allows for programmable preset curing times based on users’ material preferences.