5Ws* Zirlux Transitions

Dental Lab ProductsDental Lab Products February 2021
Volume 43
Issue 1

Zirlux® Transitions from Zahn Dental feature transitional layered zirconia with Smart Incisal Technology designed to achieve high-quality esthetic restorations.

compiled by Stan Goff | information provided Zahn Dental

Zirlux Transitons zirconia

What: Zirlux Transitons zirconia

Who: Zahn Dental



Where: Zirlux Transitions are for all dental laboratories looking to produce high-quality, durable restorations that resemble natural teeth, helping to achieve lifelike esthetics without compromising strength.

When: Zirlux Transitions zirconia is indicated for both anterior and posterior use. This next generation transitional layered zirconia provides dental laboratories with a highly esthetic and strong solution for producing final restorations.

Why: Zirlux Transitions feature Smart Incisal™ Technology, which provides higher chroma in the cervical area and decreases chroma toward the incisal area. This delivers the perfect balance between strength and translucency—1200 MPa and 48% translucency. Available in all 16 classic VITA shades plus OM2 bleach shade. Zirlux Transitions discs are manufactured in USA.

*How: In addition to producing a bluish-gray effect, Smart Incisal technology is patented and enables the material to produce a higher chroma, or brighter shade, in the cervical area (the surface above the junction of the crown of the tooth and the root of the tooth), and decreasing chroma, or darker shade, toward the incisal area (the surface of the tooth that faces the tongue).

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