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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report August 2022, Volume 56, Issue 8

This high-speed intraoral scanner combines Medit scanning technology with a seamless connection to Glidewell to deliver an optimal experience for both clinicians and patients.

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Glidewell fastscan.io™ Intraoral Scanner


Glidewell Dental

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Every dental practice seeking an affordable, straightforward scanning solution.


For every restoration that requires a quick, accurate scan as part of the practice’s digital dentistry workflow.


The fastscan.io Intraoral Scanner is optimized for dentists to easily submit cases to Glidewell and save $20 or more per unit on restorations, and comes fully integrated with the glidewell.io In-Office Solution to fabricate same-day BruxZir ® crowns right in their office. Coupled with no monthly subscription or licensing fees, fastscan.io is the ideal solution for those seeking an innovative and cost-effective scanner for their practice.

The How

Designed for an optimal user and patient experience, the scanner features reversible tips, a detachable cable, great battery life, a built-in UV-C LED disinfecting light, and an ultra-fast camera that captures up to 70 frames per second — adding more detail to the scan with every motion. The scanner is available in both a wired and wireless version and can be bundled with a portable cart and laptop or computer that meets the recommended — not minimum — specifications for the best out-of-box experience and highly accurate scans every time. Manufacturer-direct training and support from Glidewell ensures easy implementation for any practice.