5Ws* Fusion Anterior Matrix System

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report May 2021, Volume 55, Issue 5

With a design based on customer feedback, this matrix system simplifies esthetic zone composite restorations. Information provided by Garrison Dental Solutions — compiled by Noah Levine

What: Fusion™ Anterior Matrix System

Who: Garrison Dental Solutions

888-437-0032 | garrisondental.com

Where: The “social 6” teeth in the anterior of the upper and lower jaws

When: Whenever a patient needs a direct restoration in the anterior region

Why: Although clinicians have found ways to use posterior matrices when working on anterior restorations, this matrix system is specifically designed for the unique needs of anterior composite restorations. The anterior matrix bands are sized and curved to match the anatomies in both the gingival-incisal direction and the facial-lingual direction. Additionally, the Fusion Anterior Wedge is designed with a pronounced curve to keep the matrix bands tightly in place from the facial aspect around to the lingual.

How: Available in short and tall sizes, the anterior matrix bands are just 0.0015-in thick and fabricated from stainless steel to resist deformation during placement as well as during composite placement. The wedges are available in 4 sizes and feature a T-shape design to help them sit deep in the interproximal space and help to eliminate black triangles. Additionally, the wedges are designed with a tapered separator strut that allows for control of the pressure on the matrix band and more accurate interproximal contacts.