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Misty Absher Clark
Misty Absher Clark

Misty Absher Clark is Vice President of Creative Services for Jameson Management, an international dental management, marketing, and hygiene coaching firm. Incorporating her expertise in branding, marketing strategy, social media, and customer service, Misty brings energy and information to dental practices nationwide. For more information on Misty, her webinars or Jameson services, log on to www.jamesonmanagement.com or call (877) 369-5558.

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Follow these newsletter goals and you will be on your way to positively communicating with your patients, and better yet ... increasing your bottom line.

Follow these newsletter goals and you will be on your way to positively communicating with your patients, and better yet ... increasing your bottom line.

Many practices have found the use of a regularly distributed patient electronic or physically newsletters to be one of their single most effective marketing tools. No matter how you decide to distribute your newsletter, be sure to accomplish these goals for a productive and successful newsletter.


1. With a newsletter, you have the opportunity to be in the home of each patient family on a regular basis in a positive way. When correspondence arrives at the patient’s home, it is usually in the form of a statement. This is not the most positive manner for your patients to hear from you. The newsletter, arriving on a regular basis can be a fruitful way to be in contact with your patient families.

2. Use the newsletter to educate and inform your patients about the varied and numerous aspects of health care.

  • Discuss the most recent advances in dentistry that are being developed to increase the quality of care.

  • Deal with any potential anxieties and questions upfront.

  • Answer predetermined questions about techniques of new procedures and existing procedures, as well as questions about how the procedures will improve the quality of life for the patient family.

3. Another useful newsletter tactic is letting the patient family know what the practice is doing to keep abreast of new advances. Discuss conventions and continuing education courses that the dental team has attended. It is beneficial for the patient family to know that your practice is staying ahead of the curve when it comes to dentistry.

4. Your newsletter is also a great place to let your patients know how much you appreciate their confidence in your practice. Positive reinforcement will always encourage repeat performance. This is the same when dealing with your patients. A sincere expression of thank you and appreciation will do more to encourage patient loyalty than most anything else a practice can do. 

5. And lastly, be sure to encourage your patients to tell their friends and family members of their positive experience with your practice. Asking for referrals will only help your practice grow. 

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