5 things you need to know about metals

Digital Esthetics, Dental Lab Products-2013-05-01, Issue 5

A look at the trends shaping the future of the metals market.

A look at the trends shaping the future of the metals market.

1. Lower precious metal prices mean greater flexibility

When gold continued to climb in value, it priced many labs out of precious metal. But now that precious metal prices are stabilizing (and, in some cases, falling), precious metal alloys might be increasingly a more accessible option for patients and for labs of all sizes.

2. Outsourcing

“A major positive trend for the metals industry is the availability for laboratories to digitally outsource all metal substructures to a centralized manufacturing center,” said Anton Woolf, CEO of Argen Corporation, a major producer of metal alloys. “We feel there will be a trend back toward precious metals because they can get them more economically and efficiently.”

3. Developing metal substructures through a digital workflow

Like most current lab work, digital workflow is changing the landscape of the metals market. There is a major trend developing metal substructures through a digital workflow, meaning PFM restorations can happen much faster and more efficiently than ever before.

4. Flat-priced noble solutions

Considering the volatile nature of the precious metals market, many labs are looking for a more stable recourse. Some laboratories have begun to use flat-priced noble solutions, like Argen’s NobleBond.

5. Digital Captek

If technology has changed the general lab landscape, Captek technology is no different. Many laboratories are using digital Captek solutions, which allow them get Captek restorations through the digital workflow.