10 questions: Henrik Roos, President, Worldwide Imaging Group - Danaher

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2010-05-01, Issue 5

01 You’ve been in the dental industry for some time. What in your background prepares you for this role?

01 You’ve been in the dental industry for some time. What in your background prepares you for this role?

I have recently taken full responsibility for Danaher’s worldwide imaging businesses, after more than 20 years in leadership roles running dental and imaging companies in North America and Europe. I was the President of Soredex (1989-1993) and  the President of Gendex (1993-1999). Between 1999 and 2007 I was Senior Vice President at DENTSPLY International, and from 2007 onwards, CEO of Instrumentarium and Soredex.

02 The group includes DEXIS, Gendex and i-CAT. With the acquisition of Instrumentarium and Soredex you are now leading the world’s largest dental imaging group. Will there be any major changes?  

All our businesses are well positioned and we will continue to serve the dental community with all of our existing highly recognized brands, be distributed through our existing dealer partners, and supported by our existing sales organizations.

03 Last year was financially challenging for many companies. How did your group finish 2009?   

The launch of the all-new DEXIS Platinum digital x-ray sensor exceeded all our expectations. We grew double digits last year. The introduction of the Gendex 8500 yielded a huge adoption rate and Soredex and Instrumentarium had a terrific finish to 2009. Based on recent DTA market data, Instrumentarium/Soredex was the market leader in digital pans in Q4 of 2009.  

04 What new product launches will we see this year?

We just launched the GXCB-500 HD. It’s a new 2-in-1 unit that combines 3D imaging and traditional high-end panoramics - and all in High Definition image quality. We are also launching a new version of the highly popular Soredex Optime phosphor plate scanner and an Instrumentarium entry level digital panoramic unit.

05 How do you see your 3D portfolio expanding?

We are pleased to see an exponential growth of interest in 3D and in our products. There’s no doubt that 3D is a hot technology. We’re well positioned with the i-CAT in the specialty market, especially orthodontists and oral surgeons, and with the Gendex CB-500 line supporting general practitioners, periodontists and endodontists. On the Soredex side we continue to gain momentum with Scanora 3D.  

06 How is 3D changing the way dentists deliver patient care?


You don’t know what you don’t know until you have seen it in 3D. Cone beam CT technology allows dentists the most comprehensive view into the patient’s anatomy. As a result, 3D allows for better planning, a more predictable treatment and a safer procedure for the patient.

07 What trends do you see for dental imaging and how are your companies staying current?

There’s a real demand for integration applications between cone beam and digital impression, restoration and CAD/CAM software. We’re excited that our cone beam systems offer an open software architecture that allows doctors to take advantage of these applications so they, in turn, can achieve more precise, reliable restorative and surgical results.

08 Many dentists are reluctant to make such big investments with the economy still in recovery. What is your  message to these doctors?

Dentists shouldn’t hesitate to move from film to digital for 2D-it’s a given. Especially with intraoral, digital radiography has been proven to be more diagnostic, more efficient and more economical than film.

09 What about 3D, for those who may be intimidated by the initial investment amount?

We actually see 2010 as “The Year of 3D.” The numerous clinical benefits speak for themselves. And with Section 179 deduction sharply dropping from $250,000 this year to only $25,000 next year, now is the best time to invest in 3D.

10 What is your vision for these companies and the imaging group as a whole?

Combined, we offer more than 225 years experience in serving the global dental community. We are trusted names that have strong brand loyalty because of our dedication to quality and service. One common factor in the success of our companies is that they focus on the dentist first, and design and deliver products that improve their clinical lives.