Dental Products Report-2010-05-01

Dental Products Report

How to: Trim and Shape Bis-Acryl Provisional Restorations

June 26, 2012

May 2010 | Dental Products Report Clinical 360°: provisional technique The take-aways Strength and esthetics are the most important considerations when choosing a veneering material. The right material, good communication and the proper education are key to successful outcomes. How to: Trim and Shape Bis-Acryl Provisional Restorations  With the right tools at hand you can cut down the time required to prepare provisional restorations.

Ask Amy: Patient referrals

March 21, 2012

You are not the only ones wrestling with this daunting task! The issue of finding comfort in the “asking” always reminds me of a Theatre 101 class I took years ago. The first rule of the stage is, before you utter one line of dialogue you have to ask yourself, “What’s my motivation?” Your answer will color the tone, pace and delivery of that one line.