Dental Lab Products-2014-03-01

Digital Esthetics

Step-by-step with Sirona inLab: Great detail work with one workflow [VIDEO]

February 10, 2015

Completing a 7-unit lower anterior bridge using CAD/CAM scanning equipment requires a variety of detailed steps. Fortunately, today’s modern CAD/CAM systems, such as Sirona’s inLab system, can help speed up and simplify scanning, designing and milling.

Bench Mastery: Treating the dental-phobic patient [VIDEO]

November 18, 2014

This case involves a 55-year-old male who presented extreme dental fear with resulting dental neglect. His last visit to a dental professional had been 25-plus years prior. Due to the intense anxiety experienced by the patient involving dental procedures, he severely neglected his dentition (Fig. 1). The patient was referred to me for evaluation of pain in the maxillary anterior area. Because of continued neglect due to fear and avoidance, this treatment required extensive dental procedures.

10 Questions: TCS CEO Marilin Luchetti on flexible partials, hydraulic injectors and more

June 09, 2014

01. You are the co-founder of TCS, which was established in 2000. How have you seen the dental industry change during that time? There are two huge changes worth mentioning. First, and by far the biggest change I have seen is how technology has exploded in the dental industry, from digital X-rays becoming standard practice to CAD/CAM and milling in-house becoming more accessible to laboratories and doctors, to now seeing the growth in popularity of digital impressions. Secondly, offshore outsourcing took off and has gained momentum throughout these years.

How to save space and increase efficiency with the Silent TS2 extraction system

June 09, 2014

The new Silent TS2 is designed to improve the efficiency of your lab. Save space and investment costs and at the same time utilize the advantages of the Silent TS and the intelligent control of the two workstation extraction.   

How to make abutment placement a snap with ATLANTIS Abutment Core File [VIDEO]

June 05, 2014

In 2012, DENTSPLY Implants unveiled the ATLANTIS™ Abutment Core File solution, which provided a perfect digital edition of an ATLANTIS patient-specific Abutment to the lab designing the full case. ATLANTIS Abutment Core File solution to an even wider group of scanner users, as the system now works with 3Shape scanners and has undergone updates to fit comfortably in a fully digitized workflow.