Dental Lab Products-2011-03-01

Digital Esthetics

Scripted for success

March 21, 2012

Information provided by Henry Schein Inc. A complete online digital prescription workflow that helps route and manage lab casework, DDX Labscripts is a new feature of Henry Schein’s DDX (Digital Dental Exchange) digital case management system.

Materials: Science Vs. Gut

March 21, 2012

Flip through the pages of an issue of Dental Lab Products or walk a tradeshow floor, and you’re likely to cross paths with at least one new material. Keeping up with the stream of new options for your lab can be almost dizzying.

Dynamic shaping

March 21, 2012

Information provided by Delcam North America. DentCAD is a computer-aided 3D design module for the fast and accurate creation of dental restorations. In addition to new libraries of teeth and implants, the 2011 DentCAD design software includes a module to check that connections are aligned correctly, smoother shapes for custom abutments,

Managing the client

March 21, 2012

Knowing the right material (or materials) for a particular case is part of the equation, but if it’s not the material requested on the prescription, the first step becomes getting the dentist to agree to your recommendation.

Sensable Dental's Intellifit™ System

March 21, 2012

Information provided by Williams Dental Laboratory Inc. The Lab Williams Dental Laboratory Inc. is a full-service laboratory based in Erie, Pa., with more than 30 employees. The laboratory services Pennsylvania, Western New York and Eastern Ohio. Owners Jim Conway, Bill Stroh and Barb Marlette have more than 120 combined years of experience among them.

A scanner with connections

March 21, 2012

Adding a scanner creates a clear path for a dental lab to transfer existing work from a physical to a digital workflow. But the process doesn’t start by scanning the next impression to arrive. The real first step to this process is deciding what type of scanner to invest in.