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01 What is the history of KOMET USA and of the globally known KOMET brand of rotary instruments?

01 What is the history of KOMET USA and of the globally known KOMET brand of rotary instruments?

KOMET USA was officially established in 2007, but the KOMET brand was born more than 85 years ago as a family-owned business for the development and production of dental rotary instruments. The company remains family owned and is headquartered in Lemgo, Germany, where it continues to be a leader in innovation, direct selling and shipping of superior-quality, precision-engineered KOMET instruments. In the U.S., KOMET USA is the sole source for the globally renowned KOMET brand rotary instruments for dental laboratories and dental practices.

02 Does KOMET USA have a role in product development or is it simply a sales and marketing branch for the German brand?

Although the same family owns KOMET USA and the KOMET brand, the company pays particular attention to the needs of individual markets and the variations in materials, technical practices and work habits employed among lab technicians from region to region. There are many technicians, countless cases and newly emerging materials. KOMET USA is responsible for responding to the challenges of a large, diverse and ever-changing North American market. We continue to listen to lab technicians and to stay informed on materials development, which helps us better inform the company research and development department. While KOMET USA does not itself manufacture products, our customers and company play an integral role in product development.

03 What products form the core of the KOMET USA offerings to dental laboratories?

KOMET’s core products for dental labs are our carbides, including carbide cutters, and our diamond product line, especially the diamond discs.

04 What products have you recently introduced to expand on that core?

We recently launched ZR-Diamonds for work on high-resistance zirconium-oxide materials; DCB grinders with a ceramic bond interspersed with diamond grit for work on all types of ceramic, including zirconium oxide and aluminum oxide, and on hard metal alloys; and K-Stone multipurpose diamond abrasives.

05 What can we look forward to in the year to come?

KOMET will continue to introduce new instruments to cut, shape, polish and finish restorations made of the newly emerging materials.

06 KOMET USA releases a lot of products each year. How do you ensure quality?

None of our products are introduced unless they’ve gone through numerous tests. KOMET has one of the most strict quality assurance programs in the industry. Some of our newest products, such as our ZR-Diamond instruments, underwent strict evaluations at KOMET’s R&D facility in Germany and rigorous field-testing. These tests take years before a product comes to market.

07 Have you cut back at all because of the economy?

No. It has been KOMET’s doctrine to produce the finest rotary instruments in the world. As I said previously, our products must meet the market’s needs.

08 KOMET USA is a direct seller. Why go that route?

Our roots began in Germany selling direct. It’s part of our heritage. KOMET customers talk directly to product specialists rather than order takers. This allows KOMET to get direct feedback from our customers, which is what all manufacturers strive to accomplish. Why go through a middleperson when you can talk to a KOMET rep who is a bur specialist? More importantly, KOMET reps know what their customers need and what works in their labs.

09 How does that play out in your sales team’s responsibilities?

Both our inside and outside sales reps know one thing: rotary instruments. They are not representing other products like a dealer. When a customer has a question, they have the answer because they are well trained.

10 How does KOMET USA rate its success?

KOMET USA has been in the U.S. market for approximately five years. We were named fastest-growing diamond brand in the U.S. during the first six months of 2008. We received the same award for carbides in 2009 as well as numerous other product-category awards. We recruited a sales force determined to make a difference. During an economic downturn, KOMET USA is actively growing and flourishing. It’s the people working at KOMET USA who are making this company so successful.

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